Mere Sai 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Quenches Villager’s Thirst

Mere Sai 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Villagers eagerly waits for Raghu to buy water. Raghu brings water on bullock cart. Villagers surround him for water. Raghu says they have to give 4 paixse per pot. Jhipri angrily reminds him that he has to distribute water for free, but when he cried regarding his wife’s illness, they offered him money. He yells to move aside if she does not have money. A lady buys 8 pots followed by others thinking at least they are getting water. Champa asks Jhipri what will they do without water. Jhipri says she will pay 4 paise and buy water which they both can share. she asks Raghu to give her a pot water. He says there is no water left now and drives cart away smirking that she was opposing him.

Raghu’s bulls stop and don’t move even after he tries a lot. Sai passes by and says his bulls are thirsty, does not he feed them water while fetching water from lake. Raghu feeds water to bulls and yells it is his wish whether he feeds them water or not. Sai asks how is his wife now, did he give her ash. Raghu drives away yelling nothing happened with his ash, her condition is same. Jhipri with villagers meet Sai.

Raghu gives earned money to Kulkarni and boasts how he looted villagers by increasing money and how a few opposed earlier, but then gave up. Parvathi hears their conversation and stands tensed that she thought Kulkarni is doing charity by sharing their well’s water, but he is selling water. She prays god to help villagers and seeing Sai’s image in idol thinks when Sai is there to help villagers, she need not worry.

Jhiprri with villagers pleads Sai that they don’t have even a drop of water to drink, how will they quench their thirst. Sai gives his water bowl and hopes nobody feels thirsty after drinking water from it. Jhipri drinks a few sips and says surprisingly all her day’s thirst is gone and bowl is still full. Everyone share water water and are surprised to see whole bowl still full. Anta and Panta pass by and watch hiding.

Precap: Sai asks villagers to go home via north road. Villagers see Raghu carrying water from Kulkarni’s water well.

Update Credit to: MA

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