Mere Sai 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Big Miracle, Appears At Three Different Places

Mere Sai 25th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tawu ji throws tantrums sitting in Mhalsapati’s house. He asks when will the marriage start. Mhalsapati says pandit ji will come soon. Kulkarni comes to attend the wedding. Banta tells Kulkarni about Tawu ji’s behavior. Kulkarni says if I had known about misarrangements then I would have brought few men for your service.

Boys at hostel digs a pit and puts grass on it. Tawu ji complains to kulkarni about the arrangements and says he is hungry. Kulkarni asks them to go and check in kitchen if there is some food. Anta and Banta peep inside the place where the ladies are cooking. They think to ruin Kheer made by Bayaza. Rukmini tells Bayaza that she is sensing danger to keshav’s life. The boys come to keshav and say they have holiday today in school and are going to play. Keshav agrees. Bayaza

is making kheer, when a woman calls her. Bayaza keeps the box and goes to help her. Banta changes the box.

Jhipri and her community villagers feel pain in their stomach. Champa’s parents tell them that Champa is having pain in her stomach. The boys blind fold Keshav and asks him to catch them. Keshav opens the blind folds and asks where did you bring me. The boys say jungle and asks if he is scared. Kashav says no. They blind fold him again and asks to catch them. Anta asks Bayaza about Kheer. Bayaza says she is making and puts the ingredient kept in the box without seeing it. Jhipri asks everyone to come to Sai and says he will make everything fine. The boys take Keshav to the place where they have dug the land. Keshav falls inside it and tries to come out, they make tiger sound to scare him. Keshav gets scared. Bhama asks Bayaza if she has kept cardamom in kheer. Bayaza checks and says I have put hing/ asant in kheer. She thinks what I have done. Rukmini prays to Sai for help. The boys see Tiger coming and run away. Keshav sees Tiger and sits inside Pit shockingly.

The villagers come to Sai and says they all are in extreme pain in stomach. Tiger roars. Keshav recalls Rukmini saying that whenever he is in trouble, he shall call Sai. He closes his eyes and prays to Sai to protect him. Bayaza tells Mhalsapati’s wife that milk is curdled now and they don’t have much time to make kheer again. Mhalsapati’s wife tells Sai told that this marriage will happen smoothly then why this abshagun. Sai makes medicines and feeds to Champa. Champa asks Sai not to leave her. Bayaza calls for help. Keshav calls Sai to protect him. Sai says I am always with you. He appears infront of Bayaza, comes to Keshav and keeps hand on his eyes and faces the tiger, and also treats the villagers. Bayaza, Keshav and the villagers see him. Om Sai plays…He appears in three places

A woman comes to Sai and asks him to save her son. A man comes there and says he couldn’t sleep since many days and have shown himself to many vaids and hakeems. Sai smiles.

Update Credit to: MA

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