Mere Sai 25th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Habitual Lier In Shirdi

Mere Sai 25th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baizaa sees Raghuveer (one who brings water) tensed and asks reason. Man says his wife is severely ill and bedridden, he is worried about her and cannot keep any maid for her due to his financial status. Baizaa takes him to Sai and explaining his problem requests Sai to help him. Sai asks Raghuveer to bring his wife here. Raghuveer says his wife is bedridden and cannot even walk. Sai gives him ash and asks him to give it to his wife and once she is able to walk to bring her here, until she comes here she cannot get well soon. Raghuveer takes ash packet and walks away. Baizaa also leaves.

Two men masked men meet Kulkarni. Kulkarni asks them if nobody saw him coming here. They say no. Kulkarni says he has to take water from his well out of Shirdi and then acts as bringing it from outside

and sell it to villagers, he will earn money and praises. Man asks his wage. Kulkarni says he will give his money at once. Ma reveals himself as Raghuveer with his son and walks away. Kulkarni laughs it is his water and money, why should he give it to Raghuveer.

Next morning, Raghuveer sells water and earns money. People discuss there was no water in home and good man Raghuveer helped them. Another says credit goes to Kulkarni who found this solution. Sai hears them. Jhipri comes with her friends holding mud cups. Sai says she came very late. Jhipri says she brought cups and friends as per his order. Sai checks cups. Govinda tells Pari thatr Sai must have prepared kheer for them. Sai sys Govinda’s idea is good to have food with everyone, but not today as he called them for a special reason. Jhipri asks what they have to do. Sai asks to make a hole in cups. Mohan says these cups are seasoned one and will be useless. Sai says he will teach them how to make hole in cups. He teaches them to make holes in cups.

Raghuveer returns home and boasts in front of his wife that he fooled Shirdi people lying that his wife is ill and earned from them by selling water. Wife says she does not like him earning telling lies, they are earning well by selling vegetables. Raghuveer says he already told her there is no harm earning by lying. He sees a customer coming and asks wife to start her acting. Woman walks to him and asks potato’s price. He says 10 paise. She says it is very costly, nearby shop keeper is selling for 7 paise. His wife starts coughing. He walks to her and starts acting. Woman asks what happend to his wife. He says she is chronically ill and he works day and night to earn money for her treatment. Woman busy potatoes for 10 paise and leaves promising he will buy vegetables from hi hereon. Raghuveer boasts that his lies earned him money and permanent customer.

Precap: Raghuveer’s cart stops and bulls don’t move. Sai suggests him to feed water to his bulls as they are thirsty, does not he feed them at lake.

Update Credit to: MA

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