Mere Sai 24th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sai Is Proved Innocent

Mere Sai 24th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aayi asks Sai not to enter their house if he regards Bai Sa as his mum. Sai says if you and my Bai Sa Maa feel pain if I come here, then I will not come. Bai Sa cries looking at him. Aayi asks him to go before Kulkarni or his men see him. Appa ji comes home and see Sai going. Aayi asks Appa ji to handle his wife and says she has been sending food with Tatya’s hand. Appa ji thinks of Sai’s words that how can a mother don’t feel other mother’s pain. He closes the door and windows after getting inside. Bai Sa is clueless. Aayi says you have to listen to me and says when her own son is not respecting her, then why will bahu respect her. Sai returns to his place. Jeeva’s father thanks him and gives sweets. Sai have a bit and asks someone to distribute it. Jeeva thanks Sai. Sai says you have to do

so much for Shirdi and its people.

Jeeva’s father says now nobody think my son mad. Jeeva asks how do you know what happened with us so many years ago. Sai takes his Guru’s name. Aayi asks Appa to talk to her and says how can a mother stay without talking to her son. Appa ji goes to her and says your felt pain when you couldn’t talk to your son and asks her to think about giving promise to bai Sa. Aayi asks why is he taking Sai’s side and asks who is he?

Rana says Sai is our Guru, but he showed us right path. Banta says you are calling Kulkarni sarkaar wrong. Inspector beats Rana. Sai feels the pain as Inspector hits other dacoits too. He gets up and starts walking. Kulkarni asks Inspector to punish their Guru. Sai comes there. Rana greets him and bends his head infront of Sai. Kulkarni says Sai came here and tells that everyone know who are you? Sai asks him to introduce him with his identity. Inspector says you are a dacoit. Villagers ask how can you say this. Kulkarni says Inspector investigated the matter. Other Villager says he knows how is he. Appa ji tells Aayi that he has seen the truth and felt it with his heart. He says Sai is the same bal yogi who came to Shirdi years ago. Villager tells Kulkarni that he is a bal yogi. Inspector asks what is this? Kulkarni says firstly Sai is the head of the dacoits.

Appa ji tells Aayi that Bai Sa has accepted Bal yogi as her son and he is not an ordinary man. Aayi says I don’t want to see someone insulting you and takes back the promise. Bai Sa gets happy. Aayi says Sai will be pakhandi always and will put you in big trouble again. Sai is about to go to Rana, Sarja and Dagdu. Kulkarni says if anyone knows dacoits name here and says only the person can know their name who knows them. He tells Inspector that Dacoits said right, he is their Guru. Rana comes infront of Sai and says they are trying to walk on the foot steps which he showed them. Dagdu and Sarja asks him to save them. Kulkarni tells Inspector that head dacoits will save them from Police. Inspector says tie his hand and take him. Rana asks why you are arresting him. Kulkarni asks him to be quiet. Rana says we called him Guru and not Sardaar, there is a difference.

Tatya asks Bai Sa to talk to Sai and says now he can come here. Appa ji says Aayi will accept Sai’s truthfulness and greatness. Bai Sa smiles. Inspector asks what do you mean? Rana says Guru who showed us right path and motivated us to leave weapon and follow Dharam and honesty. He says if we had met him then many innocent people would had been saved. He says Sai asked us to leave weapon. Kulkarni says you said Sai made you to loot people. Villager says he is Bal yogi and can’t do this. Inspector says Sai is innocent and says if he is bal yogi then that doesn’t mean that he is guilty. Kulkarni says he returned to take revenge on me and gave magical flower for me.

Jeeva says Sai is not tantric or do black magic. He tells how the water came out from the well. He tells that only God can make impossible things possible. Inspector asks Kulkarni what he wants to say. Kulkarni asks him to trust himself and not people. Inspector says he is answerable to British and needs proofs. If I tell British that he is Tantrik then they will laugh at me and throw me out of job. He says you can’t give ne proofs. Kulkarni asks someone to say what was in the well. Villager says big stones. Kulkarni says may be Sai used gun powder to blast the stones. Jeeva says he did miracle. Kulkarni signs Banta and tells that they will get proofs at Sai’s place.

They dig the land and find a box. Sai smiles.

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