Mere Sai 24th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Miraculously Saves Rana And Exposes Real Culprit Munim

Mere Sai 24th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rana tells Kulkarni that he is innocent. Sai looks on. Rukmini prays to God for Keshav and says she wants him to return. She says I didn’t see him when he left from here and asks God to send her son back. She hears Keshav calling her Maa and gets happy. She comes out and sees Keshav in suit. He asks what happened, will you not meet me. Rukmini says I can’t believe and tells that whenever I tried to hug you, you had vanished and it turns out to be my illusion. Keshav asks her to meet him. Rukmini runs to him and hugs him. She says you are changed. Keshav says yes, but you are same and crying. He asks if she will wash his clothes with her tears. Rukmini laughs and calls everyone. Chivu comes and gets happy seeing Keshav. She asks what did you bring for me. Keshav says I brought myself. Rukmini says if

you would have told us then we would have made arrangements for your welcome. Keshav says if I had told you then would have missed astonishment on your face. Rukmini asks him to freshen up and says she will make his favorite food.

Kulkarni asks Sai to boil the water. Sai puts water and boils it. Everyone is shocked. Sai song plays. Rana is shocked and asks Sai to help him as I am innocent. Sai asks him to have patience and says if you are innocent then no strength of this world can harm you. Water boils up. Sai prays to Varun dev to bring out the criminal infront of everyone and protect the innocent. Villagers gossip. Kulkarni says I am excited by the thought and tells Sai that he can fool villagers, and asks how hot water will change. He laughs and says you will be expose today. Rukmini calls Narmada and says we will make Keshav’s favorite food. Chivu says we shall make kheer, and other items. Keshav freshen up and gets ready. He thinks what shall I do? He thinks what I will do here and looks at the cigarette. He smokes. He hears someone coughing and opens the door. He looks out. Kulkarni asks Anta to put boiling water on the criminal. Anta smiles, picks a bucket of hot water and shouts says it is very hot.

Kulkarni asks him to be careful. Rana tells in his heart that he is innocent and asks Sai to protect him. He takes Sai’s name and closes his eyes. Sai looks on. Kulkarni gets angry. Anta is about to pour hot water on Rana. Kulkarni says now you will know what will happen chanting Sai’s name. Anta pours water on Rana, but it becomes cold. Rana opens his eyes and says you said right, nothing happened to me. Everyone smiles. Kulkarni asks Anta to put more boiling water on him, but again the water becomes normal water. The man standing with Gangaram feels burning sensation and says I am burning. Kulkarni asks what is this drama? He asks Anta to put more water on Rana. Munim asks Kulkarni to stop Anta and accepts infront of Kulkarni that he is the real culprit. Kulkarni asks what is this drama? Munim says I have stolen that necklace and says I went to Gangaram’s house for work. A fb is shown, he goes there. Gangaram’s wife asks him to sit and brings water. Munim looks at the jewellery box and steals the necklace for his wife. He shows the necklace. Gangaram says this is the one. Kulkarni fumes.

Keshav sees Govinda sitting and asks who are you? Govinda says this is my house, I shall ask you. Keshav introduces himself. Govinda asks what is this? Keshav says it is for elders. Govinda says I will tell everyone. Keshav asks them to keep it as a secret. Govinda asks what I will get in return. Keshav thinks he is like Chivu Aatya. He gives him money. Govinda says I will not tell anyone until it is finished and runs. Keshav gets upset. Munim ji asks Kulkarni to forgive him and says I have worked with you many years. Kulkarni says justice is same for everyone and announces that he shall be beaten 50 times with hunter. Munim asks him not to do this. Kulkarni thinks I have to be embarrassed because of him. Gangaram thanks Kulkarni. Kulkarni says this has happened because of your carelessness and asks him to give 100 Rs as fine. He frees Rana. Rana runs to Sai and touches his feet. Mhalsapati ji tells that this has happened because of Sai. Sai says truth is revealed somehow and this is its strength. Kulkarni goes angrily to his house. Anta asks Kulkarni not to feel bad about villagers words. Kulkarni asks him to shut up. He calls Rukmini. Keshav thinks Kulkarni is angry and will take out anger on Rukmini. He brings water for Kulkarni.

Kulkarni gets emotional and hugs him. He asks when did you come? Banta comes and asks who is he? Anta says Keshav. Keshav tells Rukmini that he has passed in his exams and will study law to become barrister. He says he came for holidays. Kulkarni is happy. Tatya asks Aaji to have food and asks if she didn’t like the food made by him. Aaji says I am not young like you. Tatya asks her to finish her breakfast. Sai hears them and laughs. He tells him that he is very happy to see him more responsible. Tatya asks him to ask Aaji to have food. Sai says your two grand sons are asking you to have food and says until you have food, I will also not have food. Aaji says Bayaza is right, you are very stubborn. She feeds them too. Sai makes Aaji and Tatya eat with his hand.

Tatya asks the bullock cart rider to ride the cart from a certain way. The way is rough with stones on the ground. Tatya falls down from the cart. Sai looks on.

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