Mere Sai 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anta And Banta Conspire To Harm Dalits

Mere Sai 24th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vishnu and his family come to Mhalsapati’s house for marriage. Vishnu Tawu ji don’t like Mhalsapati’s family. He asks Mhalsapati to wash his feet with his hand. Mhalsapati ji washes his feet. Tawu ji says it is cold water and says they didn’t make arrangements for warm water. Aayi asks someone to get warm water. Vishnu thinks why Tawu ji is doing this. Tawu ji asks Vittal why the decoration is less and says our Munim ji’s daughter marriage was good than this. Vishnu’s father Vittal apologizes to Mhalsapati. Rukmini comes there with Anta and Banta. Mhalsapati asks about Kulkarni. Rukmini says he will come for marriage. Tawu ji says don’t know who asked Vittal to get Vishnu marry here. Bhama tells that Tawu ji can calm down his anger by eating Bayaza’s kheer. Bayaza gets tensed and thinks

if she do any mistake. Yamuna comes to Sai and he gifts her Kanha ji. She asks if you will come? Sai says I can’t come. Bayaza says I will come for sure, and tells that she is making kheer. Sai says I will come to have food made by Bayaza Maa. Yamuna says you didn’t agree when I say. Sai says I can never refuse my mum. Om Sai plays…

Yamuna sits for her haldi ritual. Bayaza, Rukmini and other ladies apply haldi to her. Yamuna is happy. Bayaza tells Jhipri that she will give her sweets to be given tomorrow. Anta tells Banta that he has a medicine which will make everyone unwell.

Rukmini misses Keshav. Bayaza asks her to come and meet Tatya whenever she misses Keshav. Rukmini says she has a feeling that keshav needs her. The bad boys surround Keshav in the school. They say you came here from shirdi and asks him to tell in English that Keshav is a donkey. Keshav says you guys are bad. He pushes them and runs to his room. He thinks why did you send me here, I hate this school. The boys think to teach him a lesson. Anta plans conspiracy. Tawu ji waits for a chance to cancel the wedding and insult them.

Yamuna takes everyone’s blessings. Mhalsapati asks Aayi about Appa. She says he went to bring someone. Bayaza blesses Yamuna. Yamuna thanks her for saving her that day. Bayaza says everything is possible with Sai’s kripa. Some villager gather at Sai’s place. Jhipri says people used to come here since they come to know about Diwali miracle. She comes inside and sits. Sai smiles looking at her. A man says we all pray to God, but whom he listens to..Sai says God loves everyone. Man says God loves some more and some less. Sai asks who is God? Man says who has made us. Sai says if we are doubting on him then we are not believing on him. He says wherever there is trust, there is no doubt. He says if you think this way, then it is a selfishness and asks him to love God in all circumstances. He says when you reach your aim, then you will see everyone with same perspective. Sai om plays.

The boys come to Keshav and say he sleeps till late, we will do our work and show the plough. Banta tells anta that they are engaged in waste work. Someone brings laddoos and says it is for Jhipri’s people. Mhalsapati says I will send someone. Anta adds the poison in the laddoos. Banta says our work is done, now they will get some mind.

Man tells Sai that I heard that needy people come to you, and asks how you will help if everyone come to ask your help, then what you will do. Jhipri says you heard about me, and haven’t seen him. She says Mere Sai can do anything, and has 1000’s lamps. She says Sai can help even 10 people together. Sai looks on.

Bayaza tells that she put hing in the sweets and now have no time to make kheer again. She asks Sai to help him. Jhipri and her villagers get stomach pain and she asks them to come to Sai. Keshav falls in pit and prays to Sai. Tiger is standing out.

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