Mere Sai 23rd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Miracle Changes Jeeva’s Life

Mere Sai 23rd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks Jeeva’s father if his pain lowered. Jeeva’s father says pain can’t be less given by his own son. Sai says lets go to Jeeva. Appa ji thinks about Bai Sa’s saying that a promise stopped a mother talking to her son. Mhalsapati asks what happened Appa. Appa ji says I see Bai Sa feeling suffocated away from her son. Mhalsapati says your mum will soon understand her pain being a mother herself. Appa ji looks on. Sai and Jeeva’s father come near the ‘well’ where Jeeva is digging. Sai asks Jeeva about the revenge fire. Jeeva asks him to go. Sai asks what you will do if water comes out from this ‘well’. Jeeva says I will drown Kulkarni here. Sai asks if you will get farm and the grains back. Tatya thinks to take food to Sai. Aayi calls Bai Sa and says she is going to market.


serves the food in plate and hides from Aayi’s sight. Bai Sa sees him and asks where is he taking food. He says I am not bounded by any promise. Bai Sa gets happy. Sai goes inside the well through stairs and looks at dry walls of the ‘well’. He says digging well is a good deed, as it fulfills people need and thirst, but the reason behind it was wrong and that’s why you couldn’t get achievement. He asks him to forget hatred and anger and asks him to begin digging again, says this is the right way. Jeeva asks then why didn’t I see it. Sai says as you couldn’t see. He says even God waits for his devotees to return, like a parents wants to hugs their kids. Jeeva looks at his father and calls him Baba. His father gets down the well and hugs him. They both cry.

Sai asks him to forget enmity and hatred and digs well again. Jeeva says Ram ji ki Jai and digs the land. Water starts coming out with high pressure. Jeeva and his father gets happy.

Sai makes thirsty dog have water and says today he has nothing to feed it. He says God will send food. Tatya comes there and gives food. He asks how can you sleep here, do you have any trouble here. Sai says no, he sleeps as he sleeps in his mother’s lap. He asks if Bai Sa didn’t come. Tatya says no and tells him about Aayi’s promise seeing him sad. Sai thinks relations are delicate and asks if there is a fear in a relation, if that relation is right. Tatya asks him to have food before Aayi returns. He goes. Jeeva comes to Kulkarni and offers him to have his well water, and says it is sweet. Kulkarni says it might be someone else’s well water. He laughs at him and kicks the water pot. Anta and Banta also laughs. Kulkarni thinks why he is not acting mad. Jeeva shows his well water to everyone. Kulkarni thinks first he will go to Chawni and complain against Sai. Tatya returns to his house and tells Bai Sa that he gave food to Sai. Aayi hears him. Sai comes there and calls Bai Sa.

British Police arrests Rana and his aides. They ask if they attack kasha. Kulkarni asks who is their boss. Aayi scolds Sai. Sai says he came to see his Bai Sa Ma. Aayi says she is not your mum. Sai says he thinks of her as his mum and that’s why came to see her. He says she is his mum else wouldn’t have tears in her eyes. He says I came here to see her and not to get charity. Bai Sa gets teary eyes. Aayi says same thing again and says we have nothing to do with you. Sai says I just need my mother’s love and asks her not to snatch his mum from him. Aayi says if you regard her as your mum then don’t come again. Sai looks at him. Rana asks about Kashi and asks if he saved Kashi. Kulkarni says you guessed it right, he (Sai) has saved him and asks how do you know him. Rana says we are here because of him. Kulkarni manipulates his words and asks him to tell in high tone.

Rana says we are here because of him. Kulkarni says whatever is happening with you is because of him. Dacoit says he has changed us. Rana says we are walking on the direction, he showed us and can give our life for him. Kulkarni says hari om and asks them to tell what is their Guru name. Rana says our Guru name is Sai. Kulkarni says now who will treat Sai’s problems.

Police beats Dacoits. Sai feels the pain as if someone is beating him. Later Kulkarni and Police come to Sai. Kulkarni says your shishya told about your identity. Sai asks him to say who is he? Police says a dacoit.

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