Mere Sai 22nd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anta and Banta Trouble Villagers

Mere Sai 22nd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Appa tells that there is a problem in the village due to curfew. Anta and Banta scold them and asks him to go. Banta says everyone will be afraid of us now. A woman c omes to Sai with her unwell son. Banta takes bribe and lets someone go. Sai makes medicine and gives to her. Woman says it seems you show right way to everyone. Anta and Banta asks women why they gather. Bayaza says this is a house and they don’t follow rules. Anta and Banta trouble kids and asks them to play separately and says rules are applied for everyone. Jhipri says she saw 7 cows in Kulkarni’s shed and says she will tell villagers to get 4 cows from there. Banta gets scared and tells Anta that Kulkarni told for men and women only. Woman tells Sai that Kulkarni’s men stopped her son from coming there.


asks Anta and Banta to let them go and says they have to go home, and says today is amavasya. Banta asks them to give them gift which they bought for Sai and says he must be happily sitting. They say they will wait and give it to Sai only. They think what to do.

In the night, Villagers see Sai coming and a light comes with him. They say you was in Shirdi, then from where you are coming. Sai says just like you wants to meet me, I want to meet you too. Sai recalls woman telling that her elder son was not allowed by Kulkarni’s men and makes him eat medicine. He looks at the sky and suddenly moonlight comes.

Jhipri comes to Sai that there is a problem due to curfew. She says they didn’t have food since morning. Sai asks them to have food with him. Jhipri says we will go home and eat. Sai gives them chapatti. They eat. Jhipri asks when will this curfew will end. Sai asks to have patience and says very soon curfew will be lifted. Kaveri takes pot from a pregnant lady and says she will fetch water for her. They come to the well to get water. Anta and Banta asks her to stop and give them money if she wants more water. Kaveri says you are doing wrong. Banta throws pot. Pregnant lady Indu comes there. Banta throws Matka near her to make her fall down. Indu feels pain in her womb. Banta says only 3 women is allowed.

Bayaza tells Sai that they are suffering because of curfew. Sai says women of the village have to take a s tand against kulkarni’s decision. Someone informs Bayaza about Indu. She runs.

Mhalsapati says we can’t help women due to curfew. Sai says they don’t need help. Bayaza slaps Anta and tells the women that they will take Indu to Kulkarni who kept this curfew.

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Those clowns Anta and Banta are so annoying…Jhipri is the only one who can scare them silly. There days are numbered along with their Boss. Love my Sai!!!

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