Mere Sai 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni and Gangaram get caught in riots

Mere Sai 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai witnesses the fight between the villagers and is shocked. Kulkarni also see them fighting by hiding himself. Sai goes to villagers and tries to stop them. Kulkarni is shocked and asks Anta and Banta to take him home safely. Anta and Banta take him. Nand Lal’s man sees Sai trying to stop the villagers and thinks to teach him a lesson. He throws stone on Sai’s forehead. Sai looks on as blood comes out from his forehead. Mhalsapati asks who hit him? Madhav says I will tie the cloth. Sai asks him not to worry and asks them to stop the fight.

Gangaram and his wife plan to leave Shirdi. His wife asks him to hurry up. Gangaram takes all the money which he has. Cart rider asks them to hurry up. Just as they leave, muslim men attack Gangaram house. Bheema cries as he gets stuck in the fire. The villagers take sword and fight. Kulkarni runs to save his life and his turban falls down. He goes back to get his turban. Muslims run after him holding swords in their hands. Kulkarni runs. A little boy cries. His mum cries and tries to reach him, but she couldn’t reach him because of the villagers fight.

Gangaram and his wife get caught by Nand Lal’s men and they run to save themselves. Sai holds the baby and gives to the mother. Gangaram and his wife hide somewhere. Jhipri asks them to come with her to Champa’s house. Gangaram refuses to go to Dalits’ basti. His wife convinces him. They see the muslims coming there wanting to kill them and goes with Jhipri for safety.

Kulkarni, Anta and Banta come back to the house running. Muslims come there and tells that they will not leave Kulkarni and will kill him. Kulkarni gets scared and asks Anta and Banta to keep the suitcase on the door. Chivu says she is missing her sasural. Kulkarni asks her to go. He says we shall leave Shirdi immediately. Rukmini prays to Sai. Keshav thinks Shirdi is the safe place because of Sai.

Precap: Sultan and Hari Bhao are about to attack each other, when Sai comes and pushes them.

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