Mere Sai 21st February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Announces Curfew In Shirdi

Mere Sai 21st February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vaman asks Sai how come he is here? Sai says to get my water. Vaman folds his hands, closes his eyes. Sai smiles. Baba Sahib Kelkar comes back and asks Vaman why you are greeting him. Vaman says villager and asks where is Sai? He tells Baba Sahib that they will go to Shirdi right now. Sai asks Bayaza to make him drink water. Bayaza and others get happy. Bayaza tells Sai that they will make well outside the village. She says we will get money from everyone. Vanam and Baba Sahib Kelkar comes there. Vanam apologizes to Sai folding his hands. He sits near him and says I am ashamed of my behavior. He says a man can get educated, but gets experience through life experiences. He says he will make the well from his own salary and it will be his first move towards humanity. Baba Sahib asks Sai to bless his

son and apologizes. Sai says Vaman needs your blessings. He asks Vaman to understand his father and walk on his footsteps. Vaman gets up and hugs his father emotionally. They both cry. Vaman apologizes to him and says I thought you wrong and thought people fool you. Baba Sahib says you have learnt humanity, patience and charity. He says you have become my heir in right means now.

Later Appa tells Sai that Baba Sahib sent message that Piyo is ready and we can start it tomorrow. Madhav asks Sai what to write on the board. Sai says write that give us a chance to serve you. Mhalsapati says if Kulkarni shall be called. Sai says yes. Appa says if he will come.

Appa tells Kulkarni that Governor Saheb sent letter for him and tries to read, but couldn’t read. Kulkarni reads Governer’s letter that some people had stolen water from british man and says if you could handle to make sure that such incidents don’t happen again else you will lose responsibility of two villages. Banta comes and give s Sai’s invitation to Kulkarni to the inauguration. Kulkarni reads it. Anta says Sai will inaugurate and called you to slap. Kulkarni says surely those people must have come to meet Sai. Baba Sahib kelkar inaugurates the pots water supply and says Neem Village water will be supplied. He is about to give water to Sai, but Kulkarni comes and takes the glass and drinks it. Kulkarni says he had also thought to make Piyo and asks Sai why people coming from other villages couldn’t keep control on their thirst and says they have attacked britishman and stolen water. He tells that he got warning from British. Sai says water is essential for everyone and that’s why Piyo is made.

Kulkarni says it is easy to give lecture and announces curfew in Shirdi. Appa says what are you saying and says those men took water from british man when they don’t give them. He asks why they are blamed wrong. Kulkarni says it is rule and says he wants everyone to follow the rule. Mhalsapati tells that what about farmers. Kulkarni says they can go one by one and work. Bayaza asks what about women who used to sit and solve other’s problems. Kulkarni says woman herself is problem and tells that women shall sit at home, take care of kids and elders. Sai speaks praising women.

Kulkarni’s men troubles villagers. Villager complains to Sai about Kulkarni’s men troubling them badly. Sai look on.

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    Kulkarni, you and your henchmen, Anta and Banta days are numbered…The clock is ticking, tick tock, tick tock!!

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