Mere Sai 20th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Gives Tip Off To Police About Dacoits

Mere Sai 20th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai is digging the land to plant the medicinal seeds. He puts the seeds and smiles, the seeds sparkles. Van Devta appears in the cloud. Sai thanks him.. Van Devta says I can see that you are fulfilling your words which you said to me, and I am happy. Sai smiles and cover the seeds, puts water on the soil. He says it is a blessing that you have come here. Van Devta blesses him. A man Jeeva is digging the land. Two men comes there and says you are digging land since years, but no water is coming. Jeeva says water will come there. Jeeva hits them with a stone. The men is about to hit him when his father comes and stops them. He tells that Jeeva has gone mad since Kulkarni burnt their farms. Men goes.

Jhipri asks Sai with whom he was talking to. Sai says my friends can’t be seen by everyone. Jhipri

says your words can’t be understood by everyone. Sai says atleast they remember me by talking about me. Jhipri says you talks to me in pahelis, I got angry and thought you left shirdi. Sai asks are you still angry on me. Jhipri says no and asks what he is doing here? Sai says he is sowing seed in the soil.

A man comes and tells Jhipri that her mum is searching her. Jhipri says mum will scold me and will not talk to me. Sai recalls Bai Sa and says may be she will not talk to you, but she talks with her heart.

Kulkarni comes to the Police and says he has a info about dacoits and tells that the dacoit is in their village. Police thanks him. Kulkarni walks out. Banta says you didn’t take Sai’s name. Kulkarni says work shall be done.

Jhipri asks Sai who treats birds and animals in the forest. Sai says they are very understanding and they know what is beneficial to them. Their mum teaches them. Bai Sa comes there. Sai calls her. She gets sad. Jhipri asks Bai Sa if she is going to farm to give food to Appa. Sai says Bai Sa’s roti have a taste as if Annapurna herself made it. Bai Sa blesses him indirectly and leaves.

Jeeva is still digging the well. His father comes there and asks him to have some food and says you haven’t food since years. He tries to stop him and asks him to apply ointment on his wounds. Jeeva pushes him and he falls and then curses Kulkarni for his son’s condition.

Appa ji tells Bai Sa about Tatya. Bai Sa tells him that Sai came to meet her, but she was bounded by the promise which stopped her from talking to her son. She tells that she feels motherly love for Sai, and said Maa before Tatiya. She says why we are punishing him, what he might be thinking, and says Aayi killed me alive by giving me promise. Appa ji wipes her tears and gets sad too.

Sai says even sadness is a part of life, when one gets happiness after experiencing sadness then it is precious. Anta and Banta are massaging Kulkarni. Chivu comes there and tells Kulkarni that his is unfortunate as his own family is in favor of Sai. Kulkarni asks her to say clearly. Chivu tells Rukmini’s words that the people came to Kulkarni for Kashi’s treatment, but he didn’t go, if Kashi dies then who will win. She lies that Rukmini said that Kulkarni’s ego will break now. Kulkarni gets angry.

Sai sees Jeeva’s father going home and sees his burning farms. He tells him that if there is a pain then there will be ointment too. He applies on his wound. Banta puts hot oil. Chivu puts coin in it. Kulkarni asks Rukmini to take out coin from it. Rukmini cries and says it is very hot and boiling. Kulkarni is angry on her and tells that only he has the right to give punishment or forgive someone. He holds her hands and asks her to take out the coin. He forces her to put her hand in the bowl. Chivu smiles. Banta tells him that Constable is coming. Constable says dacoits are arrested.

Sai asks Jeeva to forget hatredness and dig the land again. Jeeva digs the land. Later Rana takes Sai’s name as his Guru. Kulkarni tells Sai that his dacoits took his name.

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