Mere Sai 20th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai To Show Right Path To Suwarna

Mere Sai 20th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells that beauty will go one day then what will happen. He says then human will repent not to find the real human behind the beauty. He asks people to do karma and make those as your identity. Guna ji announces Suwarna’s tamasha for Charles. Villagers think to go and watch. Suwarna practices to dance and asks Kamal to hold it. She tells about a man giving it to her as a gift. She says she will dance today as if today is last chance. Bayaza sees Kajal box with Sai and asks who gave it. Sai says Suwarna. Bayaza says she will throw it. Sai says no. Bayaza asks why he calls Suwarna as sister. Sai says there is nothing wrong to call anyone as sister. Bayaza says she is publicizing her dance and increased her ticket. She says we have to stop people from going there. Sai says what is more important is that

people shall reach her on time when she needs them.

Kamal and Guna ji go to Kulkarni’s house and give fruits to Charles. Charles misbehaves with Kamal. Guna ji takes her. Kulkarni is shocked to see Charles behavior. Charles asks Kulkarni about Suwarna. Kulkarni says nobody is beautiful in Shirdi than her. Villagers come to buy tickets. Guna ji says all tickets are sold. Rano ji’s brother offers gold bangles, he says he will try. He comes to Suwarna and says villagers are ready to pay double.

Suwarna says she wants to show to Sai that his devotees are poor, but her lovers are rich, like white Charles. Guna ji thinks she has invited troubles. Rano ji’s bhabhi tells Sai that her husband took her bangles and asks Sai to come with her holding sweeper. Sai says no and asks if Suwarna asks for something then can you give. Rano ji’s bhabhi says she has no valuable thing than those bangles. Guna ji takes keys from Suwarna Bai and reminds Kamal of his plan. Guna ji asks Suwarna to concentrate on Charles and not to worry about villagers.

Charles sees Suwarna. Suwarna greets him and make him have sherbet. Charles tells his constable that he wants to see Suwarna’s tamasha alone. He tells Kulkarni. Kulkarni says everyone will go to their homes and asks villagers to do as he said. They leave. Kulkarni asks Suwarna to take care of Charles and leave. Guna ji looks at the keys….

Suwarna dances with Charles. Charles tries to molest her. Sai looks on angry,

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