Mere Sai 20th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Fasts For Thirsty Villagers Welfare

Mere Sai 20th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bayaza asks Sai what is he saying and says Neem Village is far. Mhalsapati asks him to rest and says they will go there. Bayaza thinks it is far away, why do Sai wants Baba Sahib kelkar to give him water. Mhalsapati and Appa leave on cart to get water. She hopes Sai is fine. Kulkarni shows him map of Shirdi and says he has control on Shirdi and other 2 villagers. Keshav feels sleepy. Kulkarni shouts at him. Rukmini says he is feeling sleepy as you have woken him early. Anta informs Kulkarni about attack on british man. Kulkarni asks him to enquire about them. Appa and Mhalsapati come to Baba Sahib Kelkar and tells about Sai. Baba Sahib Kelkar says he heard about Sai and if he wants water then I will come with you. His son takes him to side and tells that Sai must be wanting money from you. Appa hears

him and thinks his thinking is so small.

Baba Sahib Kelkar says he will go there. His son says I will also come with you. Appa and Mhalsapati returns with Baba Sahib Kelkar and his son. His son sees water pots and asks what is this drama, can’t you drink this water. Baba Sahib Kelkar offers him water pot and asks Sai to take it. Sai says my thirst will not end and says he wants 4 pots. Baba Sahib understands and asks what do you want to tell me. Sai tells him that whoever comes to meet him, have to overcome many troubles, and they don’t get water on the way. Baba Saheb asks do you want me to make well. Sai says you are such kind of a person who thinks about others and thinks it is your duty to help others. Bayaza says there is a special message of Sai’s doings. Baba Sahib’s son why we shall make well for other villagers coming here, why we shall worry and bears the expenses. Sai asks didn’t you feel thirsty when outside. Son says I carry water with me, and tells that making the kalashs pots is not easy. They have to give salary to the persons filling up the water. Baba Sahib apologizes to Sai. Appa says we will make it. Bayaza asks her to drink water. Sai says he will get water when right time comes. Mhalsapati asks do you want to die.

Baba Sahib Kelkar and his son are on the way. His son tells him that he has done right. Baba Sahib says even you have right on ancestral money and asks him to change his thinking. Son feels thirsty and tells Baba Sahib that he will drink water. He checks for water, but it is not there. Baba Sahib gets worried seeing his condition deteriorating and goes insearch of water. Son sees someone and thinks he came to us telling about donkey Chandu. Man comes to him and asks do you need anything. Son says he needs water and asks where is the nearby well. He says very far. He sees donkey making sound and makes him drink water. Son says he needs water, but thinks just now donkey drank water with it. Man offers him water, but Son refuses. When he is about to go Vaman thinks I shall drink the water else I will die. He drinks water and sees Sai.

Vaman asks how come you are here Sai. Sai says to get water. Vanam folds his hands. Baba Sahib Kelkar comes there and asks Vanam why he is greeting the man.

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