Mere Sai 1st November 2017 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Opens School With Hidden Motive Against Sai

Mere Sai 1st November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni tells Mhalsapati that test was taken by him, but not khandoba. He says I have taken your test and you have passed. He says for my plan, you are beneficial and I want to honor you. He says 100 tolas gold for your daughter. Mhalsapati tells that his daughter has Sai’s blessings upon her and her relation is fixed with his blessing without any dowry demand. He refuses to take the gold and walks out. Kulkarni recalls Sai’s words that Shirdi is his Guru’s place and his mum’s home. Sai and Jhipri are playing hide and seek game. Sai is blindfolded and tries to catch her. He catches her. Jhipri insists to play again. Sai says your mum might be waiting and asks her to go home. Jhipri goes. He sees Mhalsapati coming there and asks you came without sweets. Mhalsapati falls on his feet and cries.

He says what I was about to do. Appa and his friend Nana Saheb come there. He says Nana saheb brought wood for Sai’s bed.

Nana Saheb says since I heard about you, I want to meet you, it seems all my wishes are fulfilled. Sai tells his words. He picks a wood piece and says it is enough. Nana Saheb says how can bed be made with it. Sai says if much is taken then it means we are stopping other needs. He asks Mhalsapati to do arrangements of shagun and tells Nana Saheb that his lonely house will be blossom with baby’s kilkari. Nana Saheb says I didn’t tell you my pain, how did you know. Sai says Allah Malik. He asks Nana Saheb to go and tell his wife not to get upset with God. Nana Saheb gets teary eyes and says surely. Om Sai plays.

Chivu tells Kulkarni that she knows well from before that Mhalsapati is of no use. Banta says we have to do something soon. Chivu says it is not easy to throw dhongi out. Kulkarni says they have to lay a trap for Sai. Banta tells villagers that Kulkarni is opening a school for kids. Villager gets happy and says Jai. Madhav and his wife return to Kulkarni’s house. Chivu stops them. Madhav says Kulkarni sarkaar called them. Kulkarni says I thought something for you and asks if he will work. Madhav gets grateful and asks what to do. Kulkarni says he will tell later and Servant to show their room. Chivu asks Kulkarni if he thought of a new trick. Kulkarni says he laid a trap for Sai and he can’t come out of this trap. Madhav’s wife Bhama tells him that when they came here, they were insulted and asked to leave, but now he called us back. Madhav says he must have sympathizes with us. He tells something and says whoever protects dharma, dharma also protects that person and whoever ruins it, dharma also ruins it.

Sai tells the same thing and says we can have different religion, but dharm is one ie, humanity. Sai sees many villagers coming near his place and looking at the school there. Kulkarni comes there and says you all must be thinking it is a dream, but it is a fulfillment of a dream. He says khandoba came in his dream and said is Praja needs education. He has decided then that he will open school. He says you all are uneducated, but your kids will study and understand my work. Anta says Kulkarni sarkaar ki jai. Nobody says it. Banta asks everyone to say. Some of them say Jai. Kulkarni says Jai and inaugurate school by breaking the coconut. He says from tomorrow school will start. Sai comes and says surely. He brings the pot in his hand.

Yamuna gets engaged. Mhalsapati gets happy. Yamuna’s father in law recognizes Sai. Mhalsapati asks do you know him. Yamuna’s father in law says yes.

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    I love this serial..It is completely different from all the others (Not that I do not like them) but Sai brings a sense of calm to people which Kulkarni, who is a thief and does not have a bone sympathy in his body towards the people whom he forces to bow to him. He likes to take away the livelihood of the people of Shirdi, their loans cannot ever be paid down, whenever they think that it’s done he adds more money to it, and just because they are illiterate he takes advantage of them and does not want Sai to open their eyes. But Sai cannot be defeated because he is godly.

  2. I am so amazed that one person (KULKARNI) is allowed to rule the place and cause so much misery and injustice to its people. If this thing really happened in real life, and is not an exaggeration, than, I can live With it. Otherwise, some changes would be nice, especially, some punishment for Kulkarni and his two idiot followers. The person playing the role of SAI is FABULOUS. I have started to watch this show and I look forward to going home to see the recorded version. I hope this show goes on for a long time
    Thank you

  3. I like this serial too….. If it is really based on the life of Sai Baba the saint of Shirdi. But why do they show more of Kulkarni and his deeds when the serial is on the life of Sai? Was there really a person named Kulkarni at that time? Or was that fabricated lie? if so why do they use a particular surname? That too that person keeps framing Sai with gun powder and other stuff. That was unbelievable. This kind of “framing” ideas come in the minds of cvs and not any real person in real life. Please very well show Sai and his Kripa but do not show a bad person even if they are imaginary just to add masala to the screen play

  4. why this serial not come

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