Mere Sai 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sai Saves Kashi Shocking Kulkarni

Mere Sai 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai is still treating Kashi. Kulkarni asks him to put soul in him. Sai asks them not to mourn. He leaves. Kulkarni says he has eloped without following Shraddha and Saburi. He laughs and asks them to have happiness. He says you have trusted him, even now you are not understanding and your eyes will open with Kashi’s last rites. He asks them to make preparation of last rites and says he will give money. Kashi’s wife says she has faith on shraddha and saburi.

Rukmini hopes Kulkarni treats Kashi and he gets fine. Kulkarni’s sister informs her that Sai tried to treat Kashi and eloped when he died. Rukmini says they came to Kulkarni to get treatment, but he didn’t go then, then whose mistake it was.

Anta and Banta bring stuff to do last rites. Villagers talk that Kashi is not dead,

why Kulkarni is doing his last rites. Kulkarni asks Anta and Banta to pick Kashi and make him lie on the aarthi. Sai returns and says Shraddha and Saburi. Villager says he has returned. Bai Sa is hopeful and happy. Sai again grinds some roots. Kulkarni says he is doing nautanki with dead man and you are seeing. Sai puts beetal leaves on Kashi’s forehead and chest. Kulkarni says it will be useful to man who has some life left in him and laughs.

Sai keeps his hand on Kashi’s chest and looks at the sun. He then looks at Kashi and says welcome kashi. Kashi opens his eyes. Everyone smiles. Kulkarni, Anta and Banta are shocked. Kashi’s brother apologizes to Sai. Sai asks him to trust God. Villager says Shirdi got a new Vaid who treats without asking, without differentiating among the religion. Banta says it is a miracle. Kulkarni says hari om, and angrily walks out. Chivu calls Rukmini and says Dada has come. She asks him to let her do his tilak. He stops her hand and throws the aarti plate. Chivu is shocked.

Kashi’s brother asks Sai to have milk and says you have treated Kashi without having anything. Sai says how can I eat when someone is in pain and asks Bai Sa to give water. Bai Sa nods and recalls Aayi’s promise and stops. Appa ji says I will make him drink water. He puts water in his bowl and says I will leave. Sai looks at Bai Sa. Bai Sa goes without looking at him. Kulkarni recalls Sai’s words and fumes. He recalls Sai telling that he is here because of the people who is responsible for Kashi’s condition. He gets an idea and says hari om, smiles.

Aayi asks Appa ji, why did you take dhongi baba’s responsibility. She says you were not like this before. Bai Sa comes there. Aayi says if anything happens to Kashi then all villagers….Appa ji says Sai has saved Kashi and Bai Sa haven’t talked to him. Aayi gets shocked and says now Kulkarni will not leave us, and will become our enemy.

Kulkarni starts singing and plays Veena. Chivu says truth will not change with closed eyes. Kulkarni says I can see what you can’t see and tells that what Sai said, the people who were responsible for Kashi’s condition was the reason for his return. He asks who has injured Kashi. Anta says dacoits. Chivu asks if Sai and Dacoits are together. Kulkarni signs yes. Anta says Banta, why we didn’t think this. Banta says we don’t have intelligence. Chivu asks what you have thought. Kulkarni sings again.

Kashi’s wife asks him to sleep. He says he was hopeful that he will recover and Sai was not letting him go. He says I am recalling that dark night while closing eyes. Sai tells that whoever is doing adharm thinks that they are following dharm, like ravan, kans etc.

Sai sees Bai Sa and calls her. Bai Sa turns and thinks why a promise is not letting a mum speak to her son. Chivu tells Kulkarni that Sai will become Vaid of the village.

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