Mere Sai 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Villagers Fight For Shirdi’s Partition

Mere Sai 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hari Bhao and Sultan come to Dwarka Maai and start fighting over a small issue. They make the issue as communal fight. Hari Bhao asks Sultan to tell his son to play with his religion kids. Sai asks what they are doing and asks why you want to separate the kids. Hari Bhao says we are worried for our kids, else these kids can back stabbed our kids like their father have done. Saleem says we are not interested to come to your place and says if someone from your religion comes to our area then we will break their legs. Hari Bhao says this land is ours where you muslim are standing. Sultan gets angry on him. Sai asks them to calm down, but in vain. Ratnakar and Nand lal smile hearing them fighting. Sai says we can solve this problem by talking. Hari Bhao says we will not talk now.

They decide to cover

their area and make bamboo sticks boundary. Appa and Bayaza return back to Shirdi. Sai asks what are you doing how can you break your relation. Jhipri comes there and hugs Sai. Nand Lal congratulates Ratnakar for lighting the fire and enjoying it. Madhav tells Bayaza and Appa about the villagers fight. He tells that Sai was requesting them, but people didn’t listen to him. Bayaza says Sai has solution for everyone and says we shall meet him. Madhav says he went to garden as he was upset and stressed with their fight.

Nand lal tells Ratnakar that Sai would have been thinking why did he return back to Shirdi and would have stayed with Dilawar. Ratnakar asks him not to underestimate Sai and says all villagers have respect for Sai and he can do anything. He says Sai has changed Dilawar so much. He says if he gives promise to villagers then our plan will fail. Nand Lal asks what is your future plan? Ratnakar shares his plan. Nand Lal says you thinks far plan. Ratnakar thinks I have attacked the unity and broken it. He says how can the plant grow without its roots. Sai is trying to sow the plant. Bayaza comes there.

Kulkarni asks Ratnakar what is happening in his shirdi. Ratnakar asks him to have saburi. Kulkarni says you have decided my Shirdi and says I will not permit you to do riots here. Ratnakar says if they fight then we will benefit, they will not think about Sai. He says what I have seen, you haven’t seen. He asks Nand lal to tell. Nand lal tells that a villager asked about Sai’s religion and Sultan refused to listen to Sai. Kulkarni is surprised. Ratnakar tells him that they will be the ones who will benefit. Kulkarni tells that if british people comes to know about the riots then I will be answerable. Ratnakar asks him to relax. Sai tells Bayaza that he is not getting roots of the plant. Appa asks him to cut that plant. Sai tells that he wants to be alone for sometime.

Precap: both community fight in their area. Someone comes and asks what happened? Bheeva tells him that they did the partition and now they will never unite. Sai gets teary eyes.

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