Mere Sai 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: The Show Takes A Leap

Mere Sai 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai takes a leap of few years. Jhipri is shown. She cleans Dwarka Maai and sweeps the floor. She sees brick and gets surprised . She drops the brick. Sai catches it and says it is the brick of his Guru ji. Jhipri tells that it was there. She reminds him of something and says you haven’t changed. Sai says even you haven’t changed and comes here daily. He says humans shall be interested to get knowledge. A man comes there and says he is honey seller and takes care of his honey bees, but this time honey bees couldn’t come out of their beehive. He tells that he don’t want to destroy their home, and asks if he can take the honey bees out of their hive. Sai asks can I talk to Rani Madhu makhi and puts his hand on the hive. A bee sits on his finger. Sai tries to hear the bee and smiles. Sai goes out of

Dwarka Maai. A man comes to Dwarka Maai and leaves.

Kulkarni talks to a boy Govinda in his life and tells that he will teach him maths. Boy asks him to teach Anta. Kulkarni thinks Govinda is very clever. Kulkarni asks him to how much is 2 plus 2. Govinda says 40. Chivu comes there in widow’s clothes. Appa are decorating the place and calls Tatya. Tatya is shown. Madhav tells Appa that he wants his son to be responsible like Tatya. Sai comes to the village and tells that he brought sweet. Kulkarni tells Chivu that Govinda is like her and don’t want to accept his mistake. Govinda rests on Chivu’s lap and tells that it was Mama who taught him 2+2=40 and tells that he wrote that in old man’s accounts page. Chivu laughs. Govinda says I will learn what he teaches us.

Bayaza says if this honey bee bite us. Sai says they will not bite us. He says they brought him here. They all see honey bee flying in the sky while the honey falls in the sweets dish. Everyone smiles. Om sai plays…Kulkarni tells Chivu that Govinda is smart. Rukmini comes and asks Govinda to drink kheer. Govinda runs. Kulkarni jokes about Chivu. Rukmini asks Kulkarni if they are going to Shani temple. Kulkarni says I didn’t get the invite and will not go. Rukmini says you are Raja of Shirdi and don’t need invite. Kulkarni says then also we will go now. Rukmini thinks everyone contributed to the Shani temple puja, but they didn’t and feels bad. Sai tells Villagers that these honey bees want to contribute for this puja and that’s why they want their honey to be used in making the Prasad, Everyone gets happy.

While the puja is happening in the temple, A veiled man comes there and looks at Sai.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    How come the show took a leap, yet Sai’s gown is still the same. I know that he does not care about clothes and all, but it would be nice to see a change in his gown sometimes. Missed the old Jhipri. Anyway, Sai is amazing. Thanks, MA!

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