Mere Sai 19th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai treats a patient

Mere Sai 19th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man comes to Shirdi and asks Anta where is Dwarka Maai. He says he wants to seek Sai’s help. Anta tells him wrong address and laughs. Rukmini asks Keshav to have patience and tells that she will talk to him. She comes to Kulkarni and says they shall send Keshav to school. Kulkarni says he will teach him how to handle account, farm and medicine. Rukmini says if he can study being a soft hearted person. Kulkarni blames her for not making him strict. Rukmini says ram shri hare…

Sai treats a patient. Mhalsapati and Bayaza tells that Sai’s treatment is unique and they are blessed to have him. Man comes there and asks if this is Dwarka Maai. Others say yes. Man asks for water. Bayaza gives him water and says pot is empty. Sai gets up and faints asking water. A boy is shown walking with

his family and asks for water. His father says they don’t have water and asks him to continue walking.

Bala’s father sees a man and asks him if he has water. He says no and asks where are they going? Bala’s father tells that they are going to meet Sai, to get their problems solved. Bala faints. His father says Sai if we can reach you. Sai’s condition deteriorates. Bayaza gets water and asks him to drink, but Sai says he don’t want this water. Many villagers bring water there.

Bala’s father sees british man going and requests him to give water. The constables beat him and ask to move from their way. Bala’s father and others tie them and make Bala drink water. They drink water too. Bala’s father opens the rope and says if you had given us water then I wouldn’t have tied you, asks since when water has become british’s weath. He opens the rope and leaves with his villagers. British man says he will not spare them.

Appa comes to Sai and asks him to drink. They ask why is he not drinking water. Sai says he will drink water from Baba Saheb Kelkar’s hand of Neem Village. Baba Saheb Kelkar is shown. His son hears a villager’s request and asks him to go. Villager says only Baba Saheb Kelkar helps them. Son asks Baba Saheb to let him handle the villagers and asks him to rest. Baba Saheb says you are grown up now. Son says poverty will never diminish. They are habitual to poverty. He says baba, saint are all imposters. He says God made poor people due to their karma. He says money is saved by saving. Appa says baba saheb kelkar is famous to do charity. Bayaza asks him to drink water. Sai says I will get up and go.

Mhalsapati says you can’t go to Neem Village in this condition and says we will go. They are seen on the way. Sai looks on.

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