Mere Sai 18th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Degrades Sai And His Treatment Approach

Mere Sai 18th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai comes to Kashiram’s house. His brother stops him and asks him to be far away from him. Sai says I came to do treatment. His brother says Kulkarni sarkaar will treat him. Pandit comes and says Kulkarni can’t come now. Sai comes inside the house. His brother asks Sai to stop. Appa ji tries to convince him to let Sai treat Kashi and says he don’t have much time. Sai looks at Kashi’s injured body and asks him not to lose strength. He says I know you loves your wife, Shirdi and the work, and wants to do much work, but your body is not supporting you. He asks him to get up. People gossip that Sai is playing with nature. They fear for the trouble. Sai sits down at Kashi’s side and asks for hot water, neem leaves etc. Someone brings it. Bai Sa brings water and recalls promise given by Aayi. Appa

ji takes the water and gives to Sai. Sai cleans Kashi’s chest.

Anta and Banta enjoy on Kulkarni’s swing. Servant asks them not to fly high when they praise themselves. Rukmini comes and asks on whom they were shouting. They say Mhalsapati came as Kashiram is badly injured by the goons. Rukmini says they would have informed Kulkarni.

Sai applies neem leaves and other roots lep to Kashiram. His brother warns Sai and says if anything happens to my brother then..Appa ji says let Sai do the treatment, we have no option now. Others tell Kashiram’s brother that they should have waited for Kulkarni and says he had treated Mouni’s father who was bitten by Snake. Rukmini thinks what to do and opens the door, goes inside Kulkarni’s room. Kulkarni scolds her and says you will repent now. Rukmini says Kashiram’s life is in trouble and you are Vaid, who can treat him better than you. Banta comes and says someone is treating him. Kulkarni says hari om.

Kashi gets fever. Sai says this means body is fighting with the pain. Kulkarni says he will get that Vaid kicked out of Shirdi. He comes there and asks who has done crime to treat Kashiram’s treatment. He looks at Sai and asks Anta and Banta. Anta and Banta are shocked. Kashi’s brother says we know that only you can treat Kashi. Kulkarni asks him to stop drama. Sai says I am here because of the dacoits who is responsible for Kashi’s condition. Kulkarni scolds Kashi’s brother and says someone else is treating kashi and that’s why I will not treat him and you people will be responsible if anything happens to him. He says this lep have harmed Kashi much. Sai says he wants vekhand. Kulkarni says Vekhand in this treatment. Kashi’s wife she has no Vekhand at home. Sai asks her to give onion.

Kulkarni laughs and says if this is a treatment or food is making. Sai asks Kashi’s wife to make him have medicine which he made. Kulkarni says he will not be saved. Sai says he will be saved with Shraddha and Saburi. Kulkarni says no, and tells that you all fell down on my feet to save Mouni’s father. He says Kashi have to give his life to make you all understand. Sai says Kashi’s life period is not yet over. Kulkarni says I can’t trust tantra mantra guy and trusts only his experience.

Sai says if we stop behaving on life’s miracles, there is no intelligence, then we are not alive, we have so much to experience, we are not big than life. Kulkarni says now you will get experience, Kashiram will die and these people will kick you out from here. Kashi gains consciousness and starts breathing heavily. Kashi’s brother asks Kulkarni to treat him. Kulkarni scolds Kashi’s brother. Appa ji says he convinced Kashi’s brother to let Sai do the treatment. Kulkarni says so you are the one. He says when Kashi dies and closes his eyes, then everyone’s eyes will open.

Sai is still treating Kashi and rotates hand fan to give him air. Kulkarni sits there on chair. He says what did I say? My experience is strong, he is taking backward breathing and will not be saved. Kashi’s wife cries. Kulkarni says Shraddha and Saburi are defeated. Sai looks at Kashi.

Precap: Kulkarni says Sai ran away from the place and asks Anta and Banta to make arrangements for Kashi’s last rites. Anta says it is ready. Sai comes and says Shraddha and Saburi.

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