Mere Sai 18th June 2018 Written Episode: Sai Troubled By Communal Fights

Mere Sai 18th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man comes to Sai and tells about his son who gets unwell even though they always made him stay at home and don’t let him play. Sai asks him to let him play and says he will become strong if gets hurt. Man says other religion or status children are not clean like us. Sai says nature is the thing which develops a child. He asks him to let him play with other kids and says then he will not get unwell. He says your son needs to go out and don’t need this vibuti. Man thanks Sai and leaves. Jhipri and other kids come to Sai and asks him to repair the ball. Sai says it has become useless now. Kids tell that they can’t play now. Sai asks them to bring old clothes. Jhipri and others go.

Sultan scolds Rehana for giving work to Bhama and Sulbha and asks her not to sell blankets to Gangaram. Rehana argues

with him and tells that her business works with them. Sultan asks Saleem to handle her. Saleem asks Sultan to let them complete Gangaram’s order and says then she will not go there again. Sai makes ball with old clothes. Om Sai plays…..

Gangaram throws the blankets which Rehana sold to him. Rehana asks did I do mistake? Gangaram asks her to ask Sultan, and says if he don’t want our hindu workers then why we shall give work to muslims. He asks her to return the advanced money. She pleads infront of him and says we will be ruined. She picks her blankets and thinks Sultan was right. She decides to help her people only. Sai asks a couple to have shraddha and saburi. Rehana sees Ali hurt while playing with Bheema and scolds him.

A woman sees Rehana scolding Hari Bhao’s son and runs. Rehana scolds Bheema. Bheema says he didn’t do it intentionally. Ali says the same. Hari Bhao’s wife comes there and asks why is she scolding her son. Other woman argues with her. Sai tells that it was a mistake and asks them to end the fight. Man asks him to tell what is his religion. Sai says my religion is humanity and says I always see you as my brother and sister and you have started understanding each other by religion. He says I am neither on Hindu’s side nor Muslim’s side. Ali says I am not hurt. Bheema apologizes with folded hands. His mum gets angry and takes his son with her. Rehana says this Drupada is spoiling her son. Sai thinks somewhere is fire lighting and somewhere smoke is coming.

Both hindu and muslim communities decides to not let each other community members come to their area.

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