Mere Sai 18th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Jhipri Succeeds To Find Dung Cakes Bags

Mere Sai 18th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rukmini checks Tulsi plant and thinks someone took the plant out and couldn’t plant it back. She digs the soil and finds the treasure box buried inside. She thinks it is the same suitcase and thinks it means..and gets shocked. She covers it with soil again. Jhipri and kids see the stones on their way. Anta and Banta smiles. Jhipri asks Champa to hold the cart with other boys and tries to move with stone, but they couldn’t. Anta and Banta laughs. The sand dung cakes falls down from the bags. Jhipri checks it and says it is of sand and not of dung. The boy checks it and says it is of sand. Jhipri checks everything and is shocked.

She runs to Sai and says someone has stolen my dung cakes bags and asks what will happen now. Sai makes her sit and gives water. Jhipri says they have made it with

so much hard work. Sai asks her to see the way and says there was something different in those bags. Jhipri asks what? She recalls and says jaggery was in it. Sai says ants will take us there.

Jhipri thinks Sai please help me and searches for the ants. Anta and Banta think they will not get dun cakes. Jhipri sees ants and tells her friends. She follows the ants and searches for the dung cakes bags. They see the grass and takes it out, and finds the bags. Jhipri smiles and asks her friends to take it. They lift the bags and leave. Banta says I will not let them celebrate Diwali. Ants bite Banta and Anta, and they shout.

They come to the shop and to buy oil. Gangaram asks Jhipri to be quiet. Jhipri says we need oil. Gangaram goes inside the shop. Anta and Banta ask him not to give them oil to stop them from celebrating Diwali and says Kulkarni will be happy. Gangaram throws the money which Jhipri gave him for oil and says he don’t want to make the day inauspicious. Jhipri says we buy things from your shop. Her friends pick the money. Gangaram says you can’t compare yourself with us. Jhipri thinks she made everyone believe that they will have Diwali this time, and thinks she told Sai that she will light Dwarka Maai and feels bad.

Jhipri’s friends tell that all their hopes are shattered to have Diwali. Jhipri’s mother looks for her. Champa’s father says it is dark now, we shall search her. Jhipri thinks of Sai’s words and taking her friends’ help, Sai telling that her basti people will be proud of her, their struggle to sell dung cakes, and then it is stolen and found. She thinks she did everything, but failed. Sai comes there and says I was waiting for you. Jhipri says I couldn’t fulfill my promise Sai. Sai looks on.

Sai comes to the shop and asks Gangaram to sell oil. Gangaram takes the money and gives just one drop of oil. Jhipri says now they can’t have diwali. Sai says you will surely celebrate Diwali.

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