Mere Sai 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Wealthy Businessman Moolchand’s Entry In Shirdi

Mere Sai 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baiza maa (changed artist now) walks to Sai and asks if he remembers her or forgot. He remembers her as much as she remember him. She walks to him and serving food says she had taken her mother-in-law to Sudama mama’s house and asks what happened to his voice. Sai says everyone insisted him to play bhajan in temple with Champa. It is good that he is supporting Champa. A woman Kamla insists her son Bhairav to accompany her to Bhajan sabha. Son says what will he do listening to bhajans at this tender age, better he exercises and become a wrestler. Kamla says just like exercise is needed for physical healht, bhajan is needed for mental health. Champa starts singing bhajan in temple. Bhairav hears her voice and gets curious to know who is singing so melodiously. He agrees to accompany her mother.

They reach temple. Woman asks who is this melodious girl, looks like Lakshmi mata resides in her throat. Parvathi says she is Champa. Kamla says she has seen this girl before. Parvathi says she acted as Damayanti in Ganpat Rao’s drama. Kamla says she stays in nearby village and insisted her husband to watch drama, who could miss Ganpat Rao’s drama. After Champa finishes bhajan, everyone clap for her. Bheema and others ask everyone to gift money to Champa wholeheartedly.

Sai is busy chatting with a boy when Kamla sees him and slips while running towards Sai. Champa holds her and asks be careful. Kamla says she wants to meet Sai. Champa helps her walk to Sai. Kamla takes Bhairav along and introduces themselves to Sai. Sai greets back. Kamla says she has a problem and describes that her husband has a good job and often travels, but her son is jobless and instead of searching job wants to become wrestler. Sai suggests Kamla to let her son do whatever he likes. Kamla says what about his living. Sai asks Bhairav to find a job with which he can even continue his wrestling dream. Bhairav thinks it is very difficult to find one. Sai says one can find god even if searched, one can even get god and asks him if he will do his work. Bhairav agrees. Sai asks Champa to get mango basket he has kept in temple. Champa gets it. Sai asks Bhairav to go and give this basket to Ballu and describes address. Bhairav asks his mother to stay here till he returns. Champa asks him to go, she will drop his mother home. He asks if it is okay for her. She says she does not mind. He leaves.

A wealthy man travels on his bullock towards Shirdi and seeing beggars orders driver to stop cart and gives beggars lots of money. Beggars happily bless him. He asks to bless Sai as he is rich because of Sai. Once he leaves, beggars praise him. On the other side, Bhairav delivers mango basket to Ballu saying Sai sent it. Ballu thinks why did Sai sent mangoes. Kulkarni’s goons barge in and trash Ballu for not paying interest on borrowed money. Bhairav rushes to Ballu’s rescue and trashes goons. Kulkarni passes by thinking to punish each loan defaulter and fumes seeing Ballu trashing his men and orders Anta and Panta to bring that boy to his house. Someone informs Kamla that Bhairav is fighting with Kulkarni’s goons. She rushes there. Anta and Panta warn Bhairav that he dared to put his hand in triger’s mouth and inform that Kulkarni sarkar has sought him. Kamla gets tensed hearing that. Anta and Panta take them along.

At Kulkarni, Rukmini cries hugging Govinda’s clothes, reminiscing him. Kulkarni walks in and fumes in anger seeing that and throws clothes out of house. Kamla and Bhairav reach there. Kulkarni asks Bhairav how dare he is to hit his men. Bhairav says they were physically harassing Ballu kaka instead of giving him a day to pay interest, if they force people, nobody will borrow loan from Kulkarni. Kulkarni asks what does he do. Bhairav says he likes body building and wrestling. Kulkarni offers him job and says Bhairav is both intelligent and powerful and he wants people like Bhairav to collect money from defaulters.

In Dwarkamyai, Sai’s disciples Mhalsapati, Dilawar, and others discuss whether Sai should attend festival pooja with them or attend dargah’s uras/annual festival. Wealthy man’s servants walk in and show precious gifts to Sai saying their boss sent it. Everyone are amazed to see so much wealth and ask who is their boss. Wealthy man walks in saying he is their boss. Sai identifies him as Moolchand. Moolchand asks if he remembers him and says he is wealthy and rich today because of Sai. He goes into flashback where he takes up his problem to Sai that he has family owned sweet shop and his business is not doing well. Sai suggests him to sell chillies instead of sweets. Out of flashback, Moolchand says with Sai’s advice, his business grew 10 times within 2 years and he is very rich now. He requests Sai to celebrate festival with him. Mhalsapati says they want Sai to celebrate festival and attend Uras with them and are competing among themselves, he can join them and if he wins, Sai will celebrate festival with him. Moolchand asks what is the competition about. They say whoever builds crown for Sai first will win and can celebrate festival with Sai. Moolchand agrees.

Precap: Mhalsapati, Dilawar, and others continuously try to build crown for Sai. Moolchand’s jeweler says crown is ready and precious stones will be engraved by night. He thinks villagers will be busy playing wit clay and he win competition.

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