Mere Sai 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sai Reforms Rana, Kulkarni Unsuccessful To Do Havan

Mere Sai 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai says when you tried to see the King you couldn’t see because of ego and asks him to tell whose mistake was that. Rana gets angry. Sai holds his hand and asks how he got the injury on his hand. Rana asks him to leave his hand. Sai says I will not until I treat you. He asks him to sit. Rana says I don’t want your treatment, who are you, I forgave you and asks his men to come. He slips and Sai holds him. He sees two more Sai standing and gets surprised. Sai says I want to give you support, are you ready. Rana’s men think what is happening as Rana sits down to get treatment by Sai. Sai rubs some plants and puts on his wound, asking the dacoits why can’t they take care of him. Rana feels pain. Sai keeps hand on his wound. Kulkarni prays to God that the place becomes sacred again. Sai gives gyaan

to Rana and says we all have to bear our karma and says this hand is bearing pain which you gave to others. He says one way takes you to crime and the other takes you to penance. Rana hears him. Kulkarni tries to light the havan firewood, but it doesn’t burn. Kulkarni and others are surprised. He asks who brought this wet wood and says he will be punished. Anta says it is a dry sand.

Rana says my pain is lying as penance way is closed for me now long back. Sai asks if you want to see with me if the way is closed or not. He asks him to remember how he got this wound. Rana recalls merchant pushing him and then he got wound and killed the merchant with Axe. Sai looks on. Kulkarni asks Banta to get fire in the havan. Banta adds ghee, but the fire is not lighted. Kulkarni says ghee is impure. Banta puts more ghee. Man standing there gossip that the intention behind this havan is impure. Bai Sa thinks fire God proved today that Sai is safe and he don’t want this yagya.

Sai says you will get medicines for your body wounds, but for heart wounds you need to search for its sanjeevani. Rana asks where? Sai asks him to open his heart doors and see the people who wanted him to walk on the right path, like mum. He says you ran away from home when your mum told that she will complain to your father against you. Banta asks Kulkarni to do something else people will not believe on him. Kulkarni feels the situation is insulting and tells that the secret why fire devta is not appearing and tells that there is a lady standing there who is crying, who don’t want Shirdi to get pavitra. Bai sa says you will not understand my tears and says it is for someone’s innocence. Her mum in law scolds her. Kulkarni tells that he will not do this yagna, but will find some other way for this problem. He warns Appa ji and says he will not forget the attack through his wife.

Rana gets surprised and says nobody know about this, how do you know. Sai says did you ever think about your maa and asks if she feels proud of you. She might be in more pain than you. He says your mum must be in shock and says it is a big sin to hurt your parents. He says penance is the best repentance and if you want to do that then I welcome you. Rana cries and bends infront of him. Sai is about to go. Rana asks him not to leave him in darkness and show him light. Sai says you have to find the way, throw the weapon and stop looting people, you can make a start this way. Rana and his men throw their weapons and fold their hands. Sai starts walking.

Kulkarni comes home and shouts Rukmini’s name. He says nobody shall come to his room or call his name until he comes out. Rukmini and her son gets shocked. One of the village bring Kishan Lal on his cart and tells that he found him injured in the forest. Pandit ji says only Kulkarni can treat him. Appa ji checks his nerves and says don’t know if he is alive or not. Kishan Lal’s wife cries. Sai comes and the havan wood catches fire. He comes there. Bai Sa gets happy. Kishan Lal’s father stops him.

Sai starts the treatment. People talk that this may initiate the problem. Kulkarni comes there and asks him to stop.

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