Mere Sai 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Begins Puja, Sai to Reform Dacoits

Mere Sai 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vanaspati God appear infront of Sai and presents his precious natural medicinal roots to Sai for the benefit of Shirdi. Kashiram tells his wife that he is going for work. Kulkarni comes and scolds him, asking if he don’t care about the charity. Anta and Banta say that they will take the charity stuff now itself and takes some from his bags. Kulkarni asks him to give gift once he returns. Banta tells that dacoits are in the jungle. Kashiram’s wife asks him not to go hearing this. Dacoits plans to loot the people and says if people are freed then they will not get scared of them.

Anta and Banta take charity from the people. The dacoits see Sai walking in the jungle and follow him. Kulkarni in the temple asks Banta if anyone asked about Bairagya. Banta says no, as everyone gave charity and calls

him great. Appa ji, Bai Sa and Aayi comes there. Anta stops them from entering the temple. Banta says they have contributed big and asks him to let them go. Aayi taunts Bai Sa. They get inside the temple. Sai sits on the stone in the river.

Kulkarni tells that it is their dharam to keep Shirdi sacred, but with time adharam made place here, we will please agni dev so that he can make the place clean and gets happy. Bai Sa thinks you are talking about Sai, I know he will return here. Dacoits see Sai sitting on the stone and wonder if he has anything. Other dacoit says if he has nothing then he will die. Bai Sa gets restless. Appa ji asks are you fine? Bai Sa says she is sensing as if something bad happening.

Sai asks the dacoits where they are lost. Dacoits say you are lost in Dacoit Rana’s forest and says he is Raja. He asks him to keep the things which he has. Sai says I have precious wealth which can’t be seen or touched, but can be feel. Dacoits take him to Rana. Kulkarni begins the puja. Sai sees innocent guys hanged by dacoit Rana to increase his fear. He asks his dacoits to throw them for animals. Sai looks on. Rana jumps infront of him and says time and blood flows with my wish and asks him to lower his eyes. Sai looks at him. Rana throws knife on him. Bai Sa prays to God to protect Sai. Sai says there is a big Raja than you in this jungle. Rana gets shocked. Sai says he is far more powerful than you. Rana says if this thing come true then I will kill all dacoits. Dacoits say that this is not true. Sai says if you don’t know him then it doesn’t mean that he don’t exist.

Rana laughs and asks are you joking. Sai asks him to close his eyes and see. Rana says ok, I will play this game before your death. He says if I don’t see that raja then I will cut your head. He closes the eyes and sees Vanaspati God reflection. He asks why can’t I see your Raja, it seems he is afraid of me and hidden from me. Sai smiles. Rana says you have shown me plants and will be punished. Sai smiles. Rana looks at Sai as he puts axe on his head. They get shocked. Rana tells that no blood drop came out from his body, why?

Sai says no blood or time is yours. Rana asks who is Raja? Sai says whoever fights with the people is not Raja, but he is the one who gives his everything to his people. Rana says you said that there is one raja in the jungle and asks who is he? Sai says when you tried to see the Raja, you saw it with ego, anger, etc. He says adarsh raja is the one who works for his people safety, well being, prosperity etc. He says when you tried to see the Raja, you saw chirping birds, blossoming plants and flowers and couldn’t see the Vanaspati Devta.

Precap: Sai holds Rana’s hand and he feels pain and asks him to leave his hand. He is about to fall. Sai holds him. He sees Sai standing the opposite side too.

Update Credit to: MA

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