Mere Sai 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Urges Dalits To Celebrate Diwali

Mere Sai 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri thinks she has to sell more dung cakes. Champa comes and asks what your Guru ji said. Jhipri says Guru ji said that we have to sell 500 dung cakes. Champa says we can’t celebrate Diwali. Jhipri recalls Sai’s words. Yamuna thinks about her engagement with Vishnu. Vishnu telling that he has to reconsider the decision. She decides to hang herself and says Sai..I can’t see my parents’ trust breaking. She is about to hang herself, but just then Bayaza comes there and rescues Yamuna. Sai comes to the village. Jhipri says this is Champa’s house. Champa’s mum says I can’t believe you have come. Sai asks if she will not call him. She asks him to come inside. Sai sits there. Champa offers her sugar cane. Jhipri says she will taste the sugary cane and give to Sai. She gives sweet cane to Sai.

Sai eats it. Villager asks how can you eat it tasted by her. Sai says when devotion is true, there is nothing like jhutha.

Bayaza tells Yamuna that it is good that she came on time. Yamuna says now Sai can’t do anything. Bayaza says if your Aayi and Baba have seen it then what they would have felt. Yamuna realizes her mistake and asks her not to tell anyone. Bayaza says I will not tell anyone, but don’t do anything as such. Jhipri’s mum tells Sai that she is seeing unrealistic dream. Sai says no dream is impossible. Champa’s father tells that why to think that they can celebrate Diwali. Sai asks who thinks they can’t have Diwali. The villagers tell that they belong to untouchable Dalits community and they can’t think of celebrate Diwali. Sai gives them fruits etc. He tells that there is nobody like big and small, everyone is doing their duty for betterment of the place. He says Diwali is celebrated in all Ayodhya by all caste people. Villager says this is not Ram Rajya. Sai says this Diwali is incomplete if not celebrated by everyone. He says Allah Malik. They say Jai Shri Ram. Sai tells jhipri that she is giving new teaching to them. Jhipri says they are hardworking, but they don’t see dreams.

She collides with Gangaram and he calls her dalit, and says he will break her leg. Sai protects her. Rich villager Gangaram tells Jhipri is a mud. Sai says she is a chandan. Jhipri says Sai came to my locality to explain to them to celebrate Diwali. Gangaram comes to Kulkarni’s house and asks where is he? Anta and Banta tell that he went to nearby village to treat someone. Gangaram tells them that Dalits have planned to celebrate Diwali etc. Jhipri comes to her locality kids and asks them to help her. They all tell that they will help her. Jhipri and the kids make dung cakes. Anta tells Banta that Jhipri is flying high. Banta says we will see how she celebrate Diwali. Jhipri tells the kids that they have to wait for morning and make uplas.

Anta and Banta come to Jhipri’s locality wearing saree and thinks to ruin her dung cakes. Sai smiles.

Update Credit to: MA

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