Mere Sai 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Sai discovers “Lendi Baug”for Shirdi’s people

Mere Sai 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

People gossip that Sai left. Kulkarni comes in his palki and goes to sit on Shastri ji’s chair. He says Maha Puja Ayogan will happen and asks Munim ji to get chanda/charity from people. Munim ji says it is on next month. Pandit ji says how can farmers give as their fields are not sold yet. Banta says Kulkarni has found the solution and says whoever can’t give money, have to give their lands to Kulkarni. Kulkarni says he will get Charity from everyone and specially from one person. Bai Sa’s mum in law stops Lakshmi/Jhipri from entering her house. Bai sa says she called her and gives her laddoo. Jhipri refuses and says it reminded him of Sai, and says yesterday he made them have sweets, she was unaware that she will not meet Sai again and tells that he left Shirdi. Bai Sa is shocked. Her mum in

law gets happy. Appa ji is shocked.

Bai Sa asks are you sure? And is about to go. Her mum in law asks her to stop and asks her to go inside. Her mum in law says whatever happened was good. Bai Sa asks Appa ji to stop his Aayi and tells that Sai helped and treated him. Appa ji looks on. Sai is in jungle searching for the roots to treat patients. He asks nature to help him and says he needs curable roots. He hears some sound. Her mum in law asks if Sai helped them. Bai Sa says do you trust me. Her mum in law tells that Sai landed him in trouble and says my opinion can’t change, until I am alive, everything will happen as per my decision and asks Jhipri/Lakshmi to go. Bai Sa asks her to let her meet Sai once. Mum in law keeps her hand on Tatya’s head and gives her swear.

Sai sees a baby bear stuck in the pit while its mother are trying to free him and shouting. Sai signs them. Mum in law asks Jhipri to go. Kulkarni comes there and asks Appa ji to give charity for maha ayogan. Sai says you have mother’s pain in your voice and I can truly understand it. He gets inside the pit and lifts the baby bear and unites it with its mother. Bear gets happy and leaves with its babies. Kulkarni says we want your contribution for Shirdi’s betterment. Appa ji says he always think about the betterment of Shirdi. Kulkarni tells that you would have come to Chawni. Appa ji says he is unwell. Kulkarni says he brought medicine for him and gives to Appa ji’s mum. He tells about the ayogan.

Appa ji’s mum says there is still time for that. Kulkarni says it is for Shirdi’s kalian and says village’s patel will have to give ingredients for the puja’s bhog. Her mum in law asks why you are asking us when the puja is happening for the village. Kulkarni says who has done wrong and made the place inauspicious. He signs at Bai Sa. He asks if he said anything wrong. Appa ji says he will send the ingredients. Banta and Anta tell that they will take it from home and takes all stuff and dry fruits. Mum in law scolds Bai Sa. Kulkarni asks them not to make food tomorrow as there is maha ayogan.

Bai Sa cries. Tatya asks if she is crying as their stuff is taken by Kulkarni’s men. Appa ji says she is crying just because Sai left. Tatya says how can he leave, as he promised you that he will not go anywhere. Bai Sa gets happy and says he promised me, and will not go anywhere. Sai hears her in village and says people will remember you as my mum. He is still wandering in jungle searching for the curable roots and reads the mantras. Vanaspati Dev comes infront of him and asks how can I help you. Sai says we need Vanaspati to help Shirdi people. Vanaspati Dev says he will present him with the precious roots which he has. Om Sai plays.

Precap: Sai is captivated by the jungle dacoits. They take him to main dacoit. Bai Sa gets restless. Dacoit says you will be punished.

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