Mere Sai 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Sai Motivates Jhipri and Promotes Girls’ Education

Mere Sai 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri runs to Sai and says she got admission in school. Sai asks her to make preparation to go to school daily. Bai Sa says Sai. Sai says every mother thinks that her child have done. He tells that it was Jhipri’s hardwork that she got true teacher. He calls her Lakshmi and asks her to go. Jhipri goes and touches Madhav’s feet. Madhav lets her go inside school. Sai says struggles will always be to unite people with humanity. He comes to the same woman’s house and asks for the charity. Woman is already waiting and gives him charity. Her husband calls her inside and asks him to pour water on him as he takes bath. She tells him that Sai came who had treated kashiram. Her husband tells that Kulkarni is the big vaid in shridi. She asks him to visit Kulkarni and shows his skin rashes on his body and

get treatment. He says ok. Vishwanath (Chivu’s husband) comes to Kulkarni’s house. Chivu gets shocked and runs inside. Rukmini greets him and asks him to come. Osman sees Sai and introduces himself. He gives him something in charity and says many people are treated by you.

Kulkarni is making medicine while Banta practicing weight lifting. Rukmini brings Vishwanath inside. Banta falls down. Anta helps him get up. Kulkarni taunts Vishwanath indirectly. Vishwanath greets him. Kulkarni asks why did you come today. Vishwanath tells that he came to take back Chivu with him, everyone at home asking him when she will return. Kulkarni goes near him and says if she would have been happy then she wouldn’t have come here. He says your salary is not sufficient to keep my sister happy and says if he wants, he can get job for him. He asks him to ask Chivu if she wants to go with you. Rukmini takes him.

Jhipri tells Sai that she is feeling nervous and asks if other girls of the village will be allowed to study. Sai says why not. Villagers say Jhipri passed difficult test and says others can’t pass. Sai tells them if the women don’t get equal rights then that society is not suitable for justice. He tells that vidya devi is saraswati then why girls are kept away from education. We sees goddess in idols, but we can’t see God in our daughters. He says if we have seen then we wouldn’t have done this. He asks why do we teach our daughters that they are different and shall be stay at home. He says that society needs a kranti or change for the betterment.

Rano Ji comes to Kulkarni and greets him saying he came to get medicine. Kulkarni asks what happened to him. Sai checks dog’s feet and applies medicine. Mhalsapati and his samdhi come to meet Sai. His Samdhi tells that her son got a job with british. Mhalsapati thanks Sai and asks what does he wants. Sai says he just needs one bowl of water. Mhalsapati is surprised and amazed to see Sai treating dog and making him drink water with his pot. Mhalsapati tells him that villagers are amazed and surprised with his treatment and procedures. Sai says if teaching and feelings get connected then everything is possible.

Kulkarni checks Rano ji’s wounds/skin allergy patches/diseases. Rano ji says my wife said that I got this disease as I don’t have vegetables. Kulkarni asks then why don’t she treat you. He asks Banta to remove his shirt. Banta removes his shirt. Banta checks him with something. Kulkarni asks do you feel pain. Rano Ji says no. Kulkarni gets shocked and washes his hands immediately. He asks Rano ji to go out of his house. He then asks Banta to wash his hands. Banta also washes his hands. Kulkarni comes out and asks him to stand out. He asks about his family members. Rano ji tells 5. Kulkarni asks do you love them. Rano ji says yes. Kulkarni asks do you love Shirdi. Rano ji says just like I love my family, I love Shirdi too.

Kulkarni says now you have to stay away from Shirdi and your family. Rano ji is shocked. Kulkarni says distance is the truth of your disease. He says whoever gets closer to you, will get affected by your disease. Rano ji asks why? Kulkarni says this is kusht rog/ leprosy and says your body will get rotten. He says nobody will show sympathy for you and says this is your last birth’s sin. I have no treatment for this and when I don’t have then think that nobody have. He asks him to go. Rano ji is shattered.

Sai tells that any disease can be treated if the healer treats the patient with care and respect. Jhipri comes to school and asks where to sit. Madhav says you can sit anywhere. Jhipri thinks her classmates can feel bad. She sits far. Tatya sits beside her. She tells that she brought jaggery and asks can I distribute it. The kids signs that they don’t want. Jhipri asks madhav to distribute it to kids. Madhav distributes it to kids. He asks who gave it. Jhipri says my Sai.

Madhav says my Sai. He thinks there is something in him, whoever meets him, regards him as their own family. Jhipri says Sai taught me the mantra to start the day. Madhav asks her to stand there and read it. She asks all kids to fold her hands and teaches them the mantra. Madhav smiles.

Rano ji thinks about Kulkarni’s words and walking in the village. Sai is coming from the opposite side and sees him. Rano ji goes. Sai looks on smiling.

Rano tells that he has seen trust breaking. Sai asks him to come to him when his heart asks him to come, and says I will wait for you.

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