Mere Sai 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Behind Villagers Addiction For Drugs

Mere Sai 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bayaza and Appa talk about Rehana’s husband Salim. Appa says he has seen many people sleeping and says if it is a new disease. Kulkarni gives money to moti and says Sai will never thought that he will be blamed. Moti asks what I have to do. Kulkarni shares his plan and asks him to make maximum of villagers get addicted to drugs, and says when any of the villager die then I will tell Police that you have sold drugs, you shall take Sai’s name when caught. Moti says I will be arrested too. Kulkarni says you will be freed soon.

In the morning, Kulkarni is walking in the village and sees some men making food and asks who are they? They say they came to meet Sai. Kulkarni gets angry and asks them to give money for making the place dirty. They gave money. Kulkarni asks him to clean the place. Men

argues that they have given money to get the place clean and will not clean the place. Anta and Banta ask Kulkarni if they shall call someone from Jhipri’s basti to clean the place. Sai comes and starts cleaning the place. Everyone is surprised. Sai says they came to meet me, so I will clean all Shirdi. Others also join him. Kulkarni says he will take tax from people entering Shirdi.

Saleem beats Rehana and asks her to give money. He says house, farm and other things belong to him and is about to hit her with stick, but Bayaza comes and stops him. He says it is their family matter. Bayaza says she won’t let anything wrong happen with Rehana. Rehana hugs Bayaza and cries. Bayaza says there is only one way. They come to Sai. Rehana tells Sai about Rehana. Bayaza says what will happen with him. Sai says it depends on his wish. He tells Tatya to leave his habit of eating jaggery. Tatya says he will not eat it. Sai says I asked him to come today as I want to know if I am addicted to him. When I reassured myself, then I told him.

Tatya comes to villagers’ boys and comes to know about Moti. The boy tells that they came for Moti here to get the tablet and asks Tatya not to tell elders. Tatya says ok. Moti comes there and tells Tatya that he will give him tablet for free today, next time he has to bring money. Tatya recalls Sai’s words. Moti forces him. Tatya refuses to eat and runs away. Moti sells the tablets to the boys who were waiting and gets the money. The boys eat the drugs and sleep.

Saleem searches for money as his condition deteriorates. He thinks how I will buy tablet now. Anta and Banta tell Kulkarni about Rehana going to Sai. Kulkarni laughs and says nobody can treat Saleem now, I don’t have medicine for him. Sai looks tensed.

Saleem asks Rehana to give him money and tells that he will die if she don’t give him anything. She sends her son to call Bayaza and Appa. Saleem’s condition worsens and he feels pain in his body. She tries to feed him something, but he can’t eat it. Appa and Bayaza come there. Saleem says he can’t take breath. Bayaza says we shall take him to Sai. Appa asks him to get up. Sai comes there.

Sai treats Saleem. Kulkarni comes to know this and says if anything happens to Saleem, then Sai will be blamed.

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