Mere Sai 12th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Doubts Tatya For Making Keshav Alcoholic

Mere Sai 12th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ranoji’s wife confronts him if he does not go to work, how will they get money and run their house. Ranoji says he will go to market tomorrow and get order. Abdul smirks thinking Ranoji will be away from Dwarkamayi tomorrow. On the other side, Rukmini informs Chihu about Keshav’s alcoholism. Chihu asks why did not she inform dada/Kulkarni, she will go and speak to him. She walks to Kulkarni who says he gave best to Keshav, got him best clothes and toy which even Mumbai or other city kids did not get, he gave all the luxuries, if Keshav has to return home, he has to accept his conditions, now he will realize he was enjoying his father’s wealth.

Keshav falls severely ill. Sai applies cold cloth on his forehead. Tatya asks how did he fell so ill. Abdul says Keshav is a big

alcoholic, he saw him inebriated last night and his mother took him with her. Tatya says what Rukmini tai would have felt seeing her son’s condition. Jhipri says right, they should not have let their friend to take wrong path. Tatya says how would they know, they just met Keshav only once or twice, once he was found on road inebriated and today also inebriated. If they should drop Keshav home. Keshav subconsciously says he will not go home. Tatya asks if he should take him home. Sai says yes.

Rukmini eagerly looks at door for Keshav to return. Kulkarni yells not to worry for Keshav. Anta walks in and informs he found Keshav. Kulkarni asks if he is found inebriated in some drain. Anta says Tatya took him home. Kulkarni says Tatya brought Keshav home the other day. Rukmini says even Tatya was worried for Keshav. He signals her to go in and thinks Keshav and Tatya are spending time together, something is wrong.

Next morning, Keshav wakes up in Tatya’s house and feels good. Tatya informs his father Appa about keshav’s alcoholism. Sai comes and asks Tatya how is his friend. Tatya says better now. Appa says good he brought his friend here. Tatya says he did his duty. Grandma says Kulkarni is arrogant and will to harm Appa, so they should send him from here. Keshav hears that and walks away while Tatya asks him to not feel bad about Aaji’s words and have at least breakfast and go. Sai says Tatya did his duty well, a friend should also be ready to help his friend.

Chihu requests Kulkarni to forgive Keshav as he must have drank unknowingly, even she drank unknowingly thinking liquor as juice. Keshav walks in. Kulkarni stops him and asks if he is not inebriated. Keshav says no. Kulkarni asks he came back to Shirdi after years, how did he find out about liquor shop, who showed him that place. Keshav stands silently. Kulkarni says he is mingling with Tatya, if he took him to liquor shop. Keshav thinks to escape from father’s anger, he should allege someone else and lies that Tatya took him to liquor shop. Kulkarni sends him in and orders Anta to bring snake Appa and his son Tatya, he will punish them.

Precap: Kulkarni asks liquor shop owner if Tatya brought him to his shop. Tatya asks if he brought Keshav. Shop owner gets tensed looking at Tatya’s eyes while Keshav signals him to lie.

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