Mere Sai 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishnu Beats Jeeva

Mere Sai 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri asks Moni to sell the uplas in different lanes. Moni says how I will go alone. Jhipri asks her to think about Diwali and leaves. Moni thinks who will buy from me, everyone will laugh. Jhipri comes to Sai’s place and drinks water. Sai smiles and says you are the busy person in Shirdi. Jhipri says that’s true and shows the money. Moni tries to sell uplas and gets scolded. Sai asks when she will study. Jhipri says she doesn’t know how to make baati. Sai explains to her. Om Sai play. Tatya also makes baatis. Jhipri tells that she heard Keshav going to big school and will become a big man. Sai says what is important is the teacher who shall be dedicated to teach and the student shall be dedicated to learn.

Rukmini asks Kulkarni about the box and says it was kept in our house. She says

you are not worried like you used to be. Kulkarni gets angry and throws the pot. He says do I need to ask you if I am worried or not, and says I am your Swami, you don’t have the right to question me. Chivu hears them.

Moni comes to Sai’s place and shows the uplas basket. She says I couldn’t sell uplas. Jhipri says how can we get money for dwarka maai. Sai asks did you have medicine given by me. Moni nods yes. Sai says she will be fine soon.

Vishnu beats Jeeva and asks him to accept his crime. Jeeva says Sai asked me to surrender and I have surrendered myself. Vishnu beats him mercilessly with hunter and asks him to tell Sai is with him in the theft. Jeeva says no and takes Om Sai Ram. Sai hears him and throws flowers on him. Jeeva sees flowers instead of hunter and don’t feel pain. He says om sai ram. Vishnu gets tired using hunter on Jeeva and asks Constable to leave him and keep eye on him.

Jhipri tells Moni that she will be fine soon and asks her to go and sell dung cakes. Moni says who will buy from her. Jhipri asks Madhav to help her in doing maths, and asks him to tell how many dung cakes, she needs to sell to buy oil for Diwai. Jeeva is sitting at Sai’s place. Sai comes there and calls his name. Constables are keeping eye on him. Sai looks at him. Jeeva s ays I tried to help Vishnu, but he didn’t listen to me. Sai says he is also diverted from his aim. He applies ointment on his wound. Jeeva says he is seeing marks on his body, but is not feeling pain. He says he felt as if flowers are thrown at him. Sai gets tears in his eyes. Jeeva wipes it.

Villager tells Sai that they can’t celebrate Diwali, why low caste girl wants to celebrate. Sai asks who thinks they can’t celebrate Diwali. Everyone raises their hands.

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