Mere Sai 12th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Moral Gyaan For Govinda

Mere Sai 12th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Govinda complains Sai that his friends think even he is cruel like his uncle Kulkarni. Sai says it is not his mistake, it is people’s mistake who generalize him, he has to do something that villagers don’t doubt his goodness. Baizaa performs tulsi pooja in the morning and seeing Aaji asks if she woke up. Aaji says she woke up, but not Tapi and Renuka yet, she will wake up Tapi while Baizaa should wake up Renuka. She walks into Tapi’s room and does not find Tapi and Vinayak. She then walks into kitchen and sees them preparing for breakfast. They signal each other seeing Aaji. Baizaa also enters. Tapi says she realized her mistake and it is time to follow her duty whether others follow or not. They both get happy hearing that and walk away. Once they leave, Tapi and her husband

smirk. Aaji tells Baizaa that she is very happy that at least Sudama’s one problem is solved, where are Renuka and Dattatrey, Baizaa says they went out after bringing water. Aaji so early market would not have opened, she does not find even Sudama is missing, if they have all 3 have gone out.

Renuka and Daatrey help Sudama walk saying he did go on walk after accident, he should walk like before to keep himself healthy, trying to impress Sai. Sai walks to them and tells Sudama that his son and DIL are right, he should keep walking to keep himself healthy. Renuka says Baba has knee pain due to old age. Sudama says he used to keep himself healthy with exercise, but after tiger attack, he has stopped walking and became weak. Vinayak walks to them and scolds Dattatrey and Renuka for bringing Baba out of house without informing. Renuka says the took Baba for a walk and are taking him to Dwarkamayi. Vinayak says he serve Baba as he is elder son and it is his duty, he will take Baba to Dwarkamayi. Sai asks to bring pain oil he gave to Aaji. Vinayak says he will bring it. Sai says Vinayak is an ideal son. Renuka and Dattatrey feel jealous.

Kulkarni enjoys snacks with his friend Shyam. Shyam says if British government’s decision would have come, it would have been easy for him to reduce or increase expense in construction work. Kulkarni says it will take time. Shyam’s aide comes and informs him that British government received Kulkarni’s proposal and will send representative for evaluation, it will take time for approval. Shyam returns saying he came into inform about their construction work in Aurangabad. Kulkarni says let us go and check wall construction. Shyam thinks he has to get at least construction cost from Kulkarni somehow.

Renuka and Dattatrey take Sudama to Dwarkamayi. Vinayak brings pain oil. Sai checks Sudama’s knees and says thyey are swollen, but his pain will vanish with pain oil. He applies oil on Sudama’s knees, Sudamaa feels relief. Renuka says she will clean dwarkamayi and Dattatrey goes to bring water. Sai smiles at them. Vinayak thinks Tapi was right, they are so greedy and trying to impress Sai. He starts fanning Sai and Sudama. Sai smiles at even him.

Precap: Sai tells it is time to give reward. Renuka asks if they will all get it. Sai says yes and

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