Mere Sai 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Unites Rukmini With Her Family

Mere Sai 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Appa, Bayaza and others take baby to Sai. Sai tells Sripadh ji that he has seen that moment in his daughter’s eyes, who was asked to choose between husband and father. Sripadh ji asks how do you know? Sai says I have seen everything in her eyes. Sripadh ji recalls teaching Kulkarni about checking the accounts. Kulkarni says you will always be Guru ji for me. Sripadh ji asks him to call him baba. Kulkarni snatches some papers from his hand and asks them to stay there for few days. He sees Sripadh ji checking the accounts book and pointing his mistakes. Kulkarni gets tensed. Sripadh ji says I will make the corrections now itself. He says you have taken 5 percent and not 3 percent interest and questions what is this? Kulkarni says 2 percent for my hard work. Sripadh ji shouts at him. Rukmini asks what happened?

Sripadh ji tells that Kulkarni is a corrupt man and tells that many people told him, but he never believed them.

Kulkarni asks Sripadh ji to bend down infront of him. Sripadh ji is shocked and regrets to get his daughter marry him. Kulkarni asks him to take his daughter with him and tells that he will not let her take Keshav with her. Sripadh ji asks Rukmini to come with him and says your son can’t live without you and Kulkarni will bring him to you. He says else I will get your son legally. Rukmini apologizes to him and says she can’t leave her son. Sripadh ji breaks his relations with Rukmini and walks out. Kulkarni asks them not to dare come to his house again. Sripadh ji swears not to step in his house or Shirdi. Sai tells that you have separated your wife from your daughter and says she didn’t see her since 8 years. Sripadh ji asks did Rukmini tell you? Appa ji says you don’t need to tell him anything. Sripadh ji apologizes to Sai and says I couldn’t see my daughter’s helplessness and asks him to make his grand daughter fine. Sai apologizes and says I can’t bring this girl into her senses and says only 1 person can bring her back to live. He walks to Kulkarni’s house.

Nand lal asks a villager to wear Hari Bhao Kurta and do as he said. Villager smiles. Sai asks everyone to wait there. Sultan thinks of Ratnakar’s words. His wife asks him not to worry for Aslam’s marriage. Sultan tells that someone is trying to ruin his name and tells that his grains got rotten. He says if someone did something in my grains. Villager come to Sultan’s house and mix some medicine in the grains bag, and then make a sound so that Sultan can see his kurta. Sultan comes out and sees man leaving. He thinks he is Hari Bhao and thinks why he didn’t come inside.

Rukmini comes out and asks Sai whose baby she is? Sai gives baby in her lap. Rukmini asks whose baby she is and asks why her body is cold. She asks who are you and my heart is feeling fondness for you. Baby starts crying hearing her. Rukmini hugs the baby. Sripath ji, his wife, son, Appa and Bayaza get happy and fold their hands. Om Sai plays…..Rukmini kisses the baby.

Precap: Keshav is about to meet his grand mother, but Kulkarni comes and stops him. He asks them to leave. Rukmini prays to Sai asking him not to let her separate from her family.

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