Mere Sai 11th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Instigates Keshav Against Sai

Mere Sai 11th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chivu thinks to get water from outside. Vishwanath tells that he will come, but she refuses. She walks out of house and thinks he would have come even though she refused. She gets shocked seeing fox and shouts. Sai looks on. Vishwanath comes there and asks what happened? Chivu says fox is thee and hugs him crying. Vishwanath holds her and says he will not let anything happen to her until he is alive. He tells that fox went knowing that your husband is with you to protect you. Chivu looks on. Sai plays….

Sai looks at the flower and says you have blossomed on getting the needy things. Vishwanath comes there running and says I have searched you everywhere. He tells Sai that he got very confident due to his blessings and tells that he took a stand for Shyam Rao when Anta and Banta ill treated him. He

says his relation with Chivu got better. Sai says whatever you got is the fruit of your karma and good deeds. Vishwanath asks him to guide him.

Kulkarni asks Keshav what happened? Keshav says I am feeling insulted. Kulkarni says you are Raja’s son and tells against Sai. He tells him that Pita is dharm, swarg etc and if father gets happy, it is like that God gets happy. He calls Anta and Banta and reminds them what he said today. They say ok. He asks them to do as he said. He thinks he plans shall work and Keshav gets hatred for Sai and agrees to go to London. He tells that he will send him to London before Rukmini comes. Keshav comes out with Anta and Banta and plays gramophone Villager says Keshav shall play music at home. Keshav says I can’t bear any more insult. Anta and Banta tell that the villagers are jealous of him. They wait for Sai. Sai comes and goes past form there. Anta and Banta recall Kulkarni showing them how to make gramophone break. They make gramophone fall down and break.

Banta tells Keshav that Sai has done magic on the gramophone and broke it. Keshav says you are saying right and asks them to tell Kulkarni that Sai has broken it. Jhipri asks how can you think this. She tells that when he misbehaved with her, Sai took his side and told her that Keshav is helpless. Banta tells that Sai instigated villagers against Keshav. Banta asks Keshav to tell about Sai. Keshav says yes. Jhipri says she don’t agree with him and will call Sai there. She says Sai can do anything and will make the gramophone fine. Anta and banta get tensed and thinks of burning pain in their body.

Madhav/Shama and Bhama come there and tells that their son got the utensil stuck on his leg. Sai says I will do something.

Jhipri tells Sai about Anta and banta’s conspiracy and asks him to help Keshav. Keshav gets ready to go to London. Kulkarni gets happy. Sai looks on.

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