Mere Sai 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Renuka’s Plan To Impress Sai

Mere Sai 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shirdi villagers go to water well to fetch water, but Anta and Panta stop them. They reach Sai suggests they can fetch water from other well. They all agree. Sai ties rope to a bucket and fetches water. All villagers come forward to get water. Renuka senses opportunity and says they all will get water one by one if they stand in que. They all agree and make a que. Sai gives them water smiling at Renuka. Renuka thinks she impressed Sai and will get gift from him. She and her husband ask Sai to let them help people and fetch water for people.

At home, Tapi cuts vegetables. Her aunt brainwashes her that she is so innocent, Renuka fooled her. Tapi says she bought vegetables on credit and was worried that Renuka will expose her lies, so she kept quiet. Aunt says this family believes in

Sai and Sai made poor people rich, so she should do as she says and impress Sai to get gift from Sai. Aaji walks in and asks Tapi if food is prepared or she will give lame reason again. Tapi says she is working with heart, but what about Renuka, she must be roaming in Shirdi with her husband lazily. Aaji goes to Baiza and says Tapi is busy cooking, but Renuka has not yet brought water yet, she must be roaming with her husband.

Pari and Udhav discuss that their parents took a lot of time to get water today, all because of Anta and Panta who stopped villagers from fetching water on Kulkarni’s order, Kulkarni is bad man of this village. Pari asks if Kulkarni’s nephew Govinda is also bad. Udhav says yes, he used to behave rudely with them before. Govinda walks to them. They walk away saying he is bad and they don’t want to play with him. Govinda says he was, but not now. They says he will become cruel like Kulkarni when he grows up, so they don’t want to befrien him. Govinda stands sadly.

After Renuka with her husband help villagers fetch water from well, villagers praise Renuka for helping them even being a guest. Sai says she really helped everyone. Renuka smirks at her husband. Sai picks water pot for Dwarkamayi. Renuka says he needs more water for Dwarkamayi as lots of people attend it. They carry water with Sai. Jhipri and Champa see dust all around and pick groom to clean dwarkamayi. Renuka signals her husband and says she will broom floor. Her husband helps Sai collect wood. Renuka thinks she worked so hard whole day to impress Sai, if he does not give her gift even now, it is waste. Appa comes to meet Sai. Sai asks them to go home now. They both walk home holding water pots. Aaji scolds them that they lazed around whole day and brought water now. Appa enters and says they helped villagers today and describes whole story. Aaji gets impressed and asks why did not they inform before. Renuka thinks she wanted someone else to praise her. Aaji asks Baizaa to serve them food. Renuka walks in smirking at Tapi. Tapi thinks Renuka is more intelligent than her, now she has to do something to impress Sai.

Precap: Sai suggests Govinda to do something that people don’t doubt him again.

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