Mere Sai 10th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Punishes Appa Ji

Mere Sai 10th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni’s sister Chivu tries to hear and spy on Kulkarni’s room. Keshav comes and pats on her shoulder. Chivu again tries to hear. Kulkarni opens the door and asks Chivu to get food made for 50-60 people. She asks if someone special is coming. Anta and Banta asks her to get the food made and see. Sai talks to Lakshmi and says he came to distribute love and where is a love, there is no fear. Kulkarni calls Appa Ji. Appa ji says why did you call me. Kulkarni says he called him as he is busy with Ann daan along with his wife. Appa ji says ann daan is good. Kulkarni insults him and then says he wants to call Bai Sa too. He asks him to have food. Appa ji refuses. Kulkarni insists.

Appa ji agrees to have a bit. He have some food and is about to get up, but Kulkarni asks him to finish all food.

Appa ji starts eating the food. Bai Sa’s mum in law scolds her for tearing her Pallu and tying to Sai. Just as Appa ji is about to finish the food, Chivu adds more food. Appa ji says he can’t eat. Chivu says I thought you need more food. Kulkarni says he is healthy and will eat.

Sai tells Lakshmi that human is alone if he thinks about himself. He says when there is love there is no fear. Appa ji finishes the food and feels uneasy. He is about to get up. Kulkari says I didn’t ask you to get up. Appa ji says I don’t understand what do you want. Chivu serves him more food. Kulkarni says you and your wife think Ann Daan as of great importance and insulted my orders. Anta says Bai Sa made Sai have food and when I reminded her, she scolded me. Kulkarni says if you don’t finish food then you have to kick Sai out. Lakshmi says you does miracle, people think you have shakti, did you?

Sai says when we try to help someone, powers is developed in ourselves. Appa ji says you have powers to kick Sai out, but you can’t do anything. He says he will have food for Sai. Kulkarni asks what is in that Sai. Rukmini feels bad seeing Sai’s condition. She asks cook to call Bai Sa. Cook goes. Cook comes to Bai Sa and tells her about Kulkarni torturing Appa ji. Appa ji gets hiccups and needs water, but they don’t give him water. Sai drinks water and Appa Ji’s hiccups stops suddenly. Sai smiles. Bai Sa comes there and sees Appa ji. Kulkarni says your Swami is in troubled as you helped a beggar. Bai Sa asks Appa ji to get up. Chivu brings jalebis, laddoos etc. Bai Sa asks what is his problem with Sai. Kulkarni says he gave two options to him and he choose Sai and food. He says may be Appa will die while having food.

Bai Sa comes to Sai. Sai smiles and signs her.

Update Credit to: MA

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