Let’s begin….

Next day….
Sanskar reached airport…. And he was waiting for ragini….
Vieent and ragini reach there….

Vineet sees her hair has messed a lil
He makes it proper sanskar sees this
Rag smiles and hugs him

San: why is vineet always with her? Wat made him to stay with her like chipku?

(Hehe.. jealous)

Rag vin goes to San
San fake smile(jealous filled?): we r getting late..
Vin:sorry sorry sir….…
San moves from there
Vin smilingly glares her: ragoo..
He side hugs her
Rag smiles

Bt someone was so jealous that he will burst in any minute hahaha.. Obviously sanskar.. Who else it would be….

San:chale…. Controlling hard… Thank God didn’t burst ??

They then goes

Vin waves his hands to rag
Rag turns and smiles and waves her hands to vin

San jealous:u r not going with me forever
Rag looks at him shocked and confused
Rag ignoring:and who wants to go with u forever… i prefer to travel alone than going with you
San glares her
To the fact rag was scared.. Bt she was acting as she is not at all affected ??
Rag:why r u staring me?
San: its called glaring
Rag: ha ha.. Why?
San sarcastic: bcs u r so beautiful
Rag:ha ha woh tho mein hoon… That doesn’t your state stare me
San:arghh this girl
Rag:and ya this girl has name!
San looks around as everyone around were looking at them weirdly
San held her hands: chalo…

They then sits in flight

San puts the seat belt to himself
Rag doesn’t understand how to put as it’s her first travel in aeroplane

San sees her struggling with the belt
He was abt to help her
Rag kiddish: i can do myself
San: ok..
Rag was making it so complicated that made San laugh… Wn rag was abt to see him… He laughs seeing other side ??

Rag angrily:mujhe pehen na hi nahi hai(i don’t want to wear it)

At the time air hostess comes and locks her belt
Rag: thankyou….
Air hostess smiles and goes
Rag mocking san: thankgod that air hostess helped me

San mocking her back: ya.. Few mins back i was trying to push your from the plane ryte

Air hostess announces… That flight is ready to take off
Rag gets scared wn taking off

Rag:oh god…. Plz save me
San looks at her and smiles seeing her cute scared face….
He held her hand
She looks at him
San:tumhe kuch nahi hoga mein hoon na….
They hv an eyelock…
They then composed
Rag signals him to leave her hand
He leaves

And old couple who were sitting next were sitting them
San sees them and smiles
Om: is she your wife?
San smiles:no
Ow:if not your wife then she vl be your fiance or love
San smiles he was abt to say no
Om: see how’s he looks like she is angry with you
San: yes… Always she gets angry with me

Rag was unaware any this she was busy seeing the clouds… And she was listening songs through earphone

Om: in anger too love is hidden… Your figures fights make me remember our times
Ow: i agree… Stay like this forever no evil can storage you
San smiles

He then looks at rag who was lost in clouds and song

He was lost in her…

Rag feels the so she turned and sees him
She asks through eyebrows: wat?
He nods in no and turns other side

She shrugged her shoulder continues to watch clouds

They reached Shimla….
Sanskar sees around and he sees awasthy’s his client…

Awasthy:welcome Mr&Mrs Sanskar Maheshwari
San couldn’t resist
Bt rag widens her eyes
She pokes him
Rag:tell him i m not you wife
San:Mr.awashty she is my secretary
Mr.awasthy; you both look so nice together anyone would get confused…
San smiles.. Bt ragini was glaring him

Rag herself: we both look nice together..yuck doesn’t he got any other than this khadoos
She sees sanskar who was smiling

Rag: why is he smiling?

They then goes to hotel…. And books 2 rooms…

Ragsan were getting ready as it was party
San opens his door
He sees Ragini at his door already waiting.. She was looking so gorgeous that he couldn’t take his eyes of from her

Rag sees him lost… She waves her hands in from of him…

San: chale
Rag nods

They both goes to the party

All looks Ragsan as they were looking so adorable with eachother as they will be incomplete without eachother..

Mr&Mrs awasthy comes to them
Mr.Awasthy: not only me everybody in the party are thinking that u r newly married couple
Rag gets angry herself:yeh meri jodi khadoos ke saath kyun jamana chahta hai?iska kuch karna padega

Mrs.Awasthy: wat they r not couple..? Be don’t worry sometimes love can bloom
San smiles
Bt rag she was thinking wat to reply by now her mind is blank…
Rag herself:tumhare dimag tumse 2 kadam aage jata..aaj kya hua…

Waiter serves them cold drink
They takes it..

Mr.Awasthy:meet my lovely wife love my life my everything
San smiles:nice to meet you

They continues to talk any family and all by all while rag was silent…

Mr.Awasthy:hum ek baar jeethe hai…ek baar marte hai..shaadi bhi ek baar hoti hai..aur pyaar bhi ek hi baar hota hai..

Rag smiling herself: yh tho srk ki dialogue hai
She smirks mischievously

Rag: everything is for once than why u made 4 kids

San who was drinking cold drink.. It choked on his throat and he starts to cough badly while Mr & Mrs awasthy were embarrassed…

Rag pats sanskar: wat hpnd….? Let me bring you water..
She goes….

San: sorry
They smiles embarrassed

San excuses from them

Here rag brings for him
San:kya hai yeh?
Rag looks at water: water
San: not this…. Wat you asked with them
Rag: oh..i forgot… i hv to ask answer from them…
She placed water glass in his hand and goes

San:oh no..Ms.Mathur…

Rag was searching them.. Finally sees them… And was abt to ask them the same

San interrupting: m sorry.. We hv urgent work
Mr.awasthy: bt
San:plzz we need..we vl meet you tmrw at the office

San drags her from there

Rag:arey…i couldn’t ask them
San:oh god..plz give some brain to her
Rag:meine kya kiya
San hits his head….

It 11 in the night
Rag; i m hungry
San: let’s reach hotel
At the time car breaks down
Rag:i m hungry
San: see even car is hungry like you..
Rag glares him
San sees her
She changes her expression into wide smile
San: wat?
She looks other side…
Both gets down the car
He checks the car
San: i think car needs mechanic
Rag:khatara gadi ke khatara boss
San coming to her: wat did you say…m khatara
Rag:ha tho…ur a big buisiness man can’t you arrange a proper vehicle
San: don’t underestimate me
Rag: i m underestimating you… i don’t know anything..mujhe bhook lagi hai..
San:kha jao..kha jao..mujhe hi kha jao
Rag: i don’t eat non veg

San: hahaha.. So funny

Rag sees a wedding function there
Rag starts move
San: wr r u going?
Rag: i m hungry.. So to hv something from there.. Of you want you can join…
San: wat? Do you know whose wedding it is
Rag: no… Don’t ask me anything of you are hungry u can join me
San: no
Rag: ok..
She goes

Bt to the San was to hungry

He runs behind her
Rag: now why r u coming…
San: actually…
Rag: its ok Mr.ego kumar
San: wat
Rag bites her tongue
Rag: kuch nahi.. Chalo chalo jaldi chalo..
She moves fast fast
They reach the wedding and sees that they need invitation for the entry
San smiles sarcastic: now wat vl you do? Come let’s go…
Rag: no ways..
She tries to go in by guards doesn’t let them in
She sees a lady.. She understands her as she vl be bride or groom’s mother

Rag: aunty.. Aunty…
San looks at her: wat she’s doing?
Lady comes
Rag: aunty mein… Mujhe pehchaana
Lady smiles and nods in no
Rag:mein chutki

San himself: chutki?

To be continued…..

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