Let’s begin …

Rag coming to her chamber by the angry mode…
Rag herself:apne aapko kya samjtha hai…you right he thought himself to be king akbar..and me to be innocent anarkali….??
While going kavitha daahes with her
Rag without seeing:kya hai? Don’t you hv eyes…
While everyone are looking at her horribly
Rag then looks at the person finding no reply
Rag get scared: m…m sorry mam…

Kavi angrily: come with me ….
Rag: bt i didn’t do anything mam…

Kavi:i said come with me..should i hv to print invitation for you….
Rag:sorry mam
She follows her like kid follows mum being scared that mum will beat her anytime….??

Kavi goes to her cabin(i already informed na she comes office whenever she wishes to and ha she is handling sanskar’s other branch)

Kavi sits:sit…
Kavi smiles: don’t worry sit…
Rag was shocked by sits r not angry

Rag:bt why mam..?after wat i did?
Kavi: actually if it was any other employee now he would be at his home crying for the job… u know why I didn’t got angry on you
Rag: why mam?
Kavi: your confidence and your way of talking touched my heart…
Rag smiles madly as she couldn’t believe someone would like her madness ?: tho mein jau(can i go now)
Kavi:no.. Actually i need your help..?

Rag confused smile: help and mine.. Mam do you know wherever i go to help i do blunder ??
Kavi:only u can help me
Kavi:no bts and ifs..if you want this job then you hv to help..if you deny then think that all over the state i won’t let anyone to give u the job
Rag was shocked

Rag:bt mam..wat i did?
Kavi:u didn’t do anything.. i didn’t pleased anyone in my love now i m pleasing you…
Rag feeling pity:ok wat help you need from me
Kavi: you just hv to help me to make sanskar fall for me
Rag with wide smile: bas itni si baat….
Then she gets

Rag shocked:u mean…sanskar sir and you…
Kavi:ha…i know you can do it….if not then forget the job not only this….further u know
Rag:no mam…

Here sanskar sees ragini in kavi’s cabin
San: great job Ms.Mathur…i didnt thought you vl start the mission now itself

Rag comes out of the cabin sadly
Sanskar sees her and smiles.. She didn’t see him

He goes to kavi…
San:wat did she say?
Kavi thought that he was asking abt the morning incident…
Kavi:ha…bechaari… She is scared of you… can i ask you one thing
San:ya sure
Kavi: don’t scold her.. If you want anything to tell then… tell me directly.. i can’t see her being scared

San himself: itni jaldi…
Kavi:now i m going and ya take ragini to shimla… She is best for this project
San nods smiling…he thought ragini made something so that kavitha is leaving.. Bt does he know it was a plan for him

Rag goes to vin and cries like a kid
Vin smiles:ab tumne kya kiya
Rag: believe me bhaiyya i didn’t do anything….jo sir chahte hai woh mam nahi mam chahte hai woh sir nahi chahte..ek taraf kua ek taraf khai kidar bhi jaun maroongi tho mein hi
(Wat sir wants mam doesn’t want…wat mam want sir doesnt…one side deep sea one side devil wherever i go..i only will die)

Vin who was confused:wat wat wat????
Rag stamps her foot like kid: you wont understand
Vin waves his hand in air as wat?
Rag frustrated: you wont understand.. You wont understand.. You wont understand…

She goes from there
Rag:u need a strong coffee

Vineet goes to San cabin
Vin:sir..sayani cant come to Shimla with you….
San smiles:its ok…i think this project can be handled by ragini.. Wat u think?
Vin:ya…sir she can….
Bt he was laughing inside… Thinking abt ragini’s reaction

San: then inform ragini that we hv tmrw early morning flight….

Vin nods…

Here ragini:sabko kya mein hi dikhti hoon..akheli choti si nanhi si jaan… Ab mein kya karoon mann tho karr raha hai ki duniya chodke bhaag jauoon
(Does everyone only see me…single small innocent living being.. Now wat should i do…i m feeling like to runaway leaving this world)

Vin comes there:you r going to Shimla..
With sir

Rag shocked: wat?
Vin laughs
Rag:laugh laugh…. This is all hpng bcs of you
Vin:bcs of me
Rag:yes.. you..if you r no so impressed with my so called interview.. Now i would hv been lived with peaceful life it?
He again laughs….
She hits him with file….
Sanskar was seeing this…. Something irked him

Vin tries to stop her:arey..chod do plzz
Rag:nahi chodungi..
Later both laughs…..
San angrily goes from there….

Vin: get ready to go shimla…. Shimlaaaa… With siiiiiiirrrr..he was teasing her by dragging the word…

Rag:if you r not my brthr..i would hv killed you…
Vin: thank God… Just miss….

Precap: ragsan journey to shimlaaaa

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