Let’s begin……

Rag: first promise me that u won’t laugh or tease
Vin: it means u hv meet him before itself….
Rag nods as kid

Vin:ok…vl see
Rag tels she got confused and slapped him….
Vin:oh so you r running away…now i got it..why u were scared to him dis much..and ur antics on interview…bt sorry i cant control my laugh
He laughs
Rag:he was never wrong.. Bhaiyya… The person was nikhil…whom i loved like anything
Tear trips from her eyes
Vin stops laughing..worry covers his face:no…ragoo don’t spoil ur mood by remembering him…he is a clised chapter in your life….move on in your life…
Rag:i can’t bhaiyya…i can’t i can never forget him…he acted with me so real that i loved him madly…i thought him to be my life…bt he crumbled my dream..he thought me to be a toy…
She was shivering while telling this

Rag:if i didn’t got to know in right time.. i was his next target…..i was his… She cries…
Vin tries to console her……he was cursing himself that why he asked her
Rag controls herself…
Rag:i want to be strong bhaiyya… Bt this place this surroundings makes me reneger abt him…..
Vin:see ragoo…u r so strong that i never saw someone like..this much hpnd with u bt still…..
Rag smiles:forget it…we should leave now ma will be waiting
Vin nods smiling weakly

Later they reach vineet house
Vin:ma dekho kaun aaya hai?
His mom comes and her eyes falls on ragini
Ap:ragini……she goes to her and sees her daughter in her….
Tears fall from her eyes……
She looks at vineet who was looking at with her smiling with tears
Rag wipes her tears….
Ap:phir se bolo….
Rag smiles:maa..
Ap burst in to a bitter cry
Rag holds her and wipes her tears and hugs her
Rag:your daughter is in front of you now why r u crying..and making me to cry….
Ap cups her face:kya mein tumhe laado bula sakti hoon
Rag nods with teary face..she was witnessing a mother’s love wch she was craved for years

They hv a moment

Vin:ma…laado kya aa gayi aap mujhe bhool gaye
Ap feeding ragini:i dont want to listen your nonsense
Rag teases him by making face
Vin smiles and he remembers his sister…

Here kavitha in mm
Suji and rp hv plastered a smile
Kavi: aunty uncle..i know u were missing me bt i hv a good news for you…this time i m here for 4 months
Rp suji including all servants:waaaattt??

San who was descending steps:wat…..?
It was a very very bad dream for them….??

Kavi:i know you would be shocked..
Kavi herself:this time i came to make my stay permanent here as a daughter in law….?

San:bt kavitha..u hv work….
Kavi:no..this time i vl be helping you in ur office i know u can’t do any work without me…
San murmurs:very bad joke

Next day….
Rag comes to office…..
She sees vineet who was talking with sanskar…
Rag:today gabbar is here beforr all…
She sees kavitha
She thinks to execute her plan
Mission job resignation..

Rag takes water with her
Rag:good timing…gabbar bhi yaha hai aur yeh jhalli bhi….???

She moves to her
San was seeing this…bt he was busy with vineet still he is glancing at her…

Rag wantedly dashes with her and pours water on her dress
San noticed this
Kavi:ahhh..wat the hell!!!
Rag:sorry mam
Kavi:wat sorry..wat sorry ha….cant you see me wr you kept your eyes
Rag murmurs:at home
Kavi:wat did you say? was by mistake
Rag wides her eyes..she thought he vl scold her….
San:kavitha..u go and change yourself
Rag was shocked
San extra sweet:MS.MATHUR its ok…now can you bring me a cup of coffee
Rag was numb…she never witnessed him like this….
San:Ms.Mathur(extraordinary sweet)

Kavi to become good in front of him
Kavi:ha ragini..go na..its ok mistakes can hpn frm anyone its not a big deal..

Rag moves from there
San smiles

San:ok vineet so the meeting is in shimla
Vin:ok sir….bt who vl go with u…vl ask sayani
San:ok….he leaves to his cabin….

Ragini while making coffee
Rag:my plan got wasted…he was pretending like i m his long lost friend…that much of sweetness…if that jhalli had got anger and if she gave me a resignation i vl be a free bird…
Someone listens thid

Rag:today he was sweet as jalebi…ragoo jalebi bhi tedi hoti go before the gabbar is back..

She goes to cabin…
She knocks
San: come in
Rag peeps(like before ?)
San:come in properly…
Rag gets in and keeps coffe with smiley and cookies

Rag was abt to go
Rag: yes sir…
San: u make big big plans….
(Yes it’s sanskar who listened her)
Rag:excuse me sir
San:few mins back with kavitha
Rag widens her eyes…she gulps
San:you forget abt resignation
San:i heard you…
Rag:wr…i mean wat?
San:while you r making coffee…
Rag murmurs:ab tho tu gayi
San:i want you to make this thing more..
Rag:wch thing?
San:troubling kavitha
Rag confused:why sir?
San:so that she leave from here as soon as possible
Rag:wat?bt why sir?
San: that’s none of your buisiness….if u didnt make her runaway from here….then
Rag widening eyes:then?
San:forget being free bird.. u vl face worst of me..i vl make sure u vl be punished like hell
Rag scared:bt why?why me!
San sees rag who looking down and cursing her fate…

Rag:plzz sir..leave me…i m not in this
San:you are already in….if you didnt do anything…..then….you just wait and watch
Rag:no i cant….
In seconds rag was in his chest
He held her waist

San gets close to her:now…..
Rag gulps..she tries to free herself….
San:you can’t free….
He gets close there was an inch gap…..
San smiles
He leaves her
San:now… concentrate in your WORK he drags the word….

Rag leaves the cabin by banging the door
San:ufff….now be ready to go with me to shimla….

Precap:Ragsan to go shimla….

Hows this????will ragini make kavitha runaway? Will there be any changes occur btwn ragsan in shimla?

I vl next post ek nayi kahani….or you can tell me wch one to update

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