Let’s begin….

Rag finally reached punjab
Rag:yay…yay..????i m finally away from akbar baadshah akdu gabbar…ah..Ragoo still ur remembering devil…forget it…
She picks her bag…

Railway station was so crowd.. She couldn’t move she decides to leave after few mins and poorva is also coming yo pick her…

She sees a lady getting up from a seat…
Rag:oh..arey oh bhaiyya..can i sit here..

There was guy who has wore a black jean and a full sleeve tee..with a golden shade goggles…

He was busy on his mobile lisyening her he looks at her..and nods…

Rag: thankyou bhaiyya..

Rag was thirsty she sees the water bottle with him..

Rag: bhaiyya..bhaiyya..can i take your water.. Actually i was so thirsty…can i take

He nods and smiles a bit…

Rag takes and drinks and turns to him: bhaiyya…aap kahase ho…..
She sees none and she sees front..few goons hv already covered her..and they pointed gun??? to her…


Goon:chup chap…hamare saath chalo nai…

Rag was abt to shout???

Goon:if you try to be oversmart!then stop thinking abt living

Rag???:mein…mein tho…why me! actually bhaiyya i m already dead!

Goon threatening:will you come or not?nai tho

Rag???:(shouts)i m coming na… (Seeing their scary face changes her tone into low)i m coming na..thoda pyaar se bolo na

Goon: come fast..if you try to be smart..the 6 bullets on my revolver will get inside you small head

Rag gulps???:i m coming i m coming??? she stands


Rag nods????

They moves out..

Rag:bade pate wale bhaiyya…oh bhaiyya tell me where r u taking me?

Goon:stop your drama..give me the CD

Rag:Cd?wch CD?

Goon: don’t act smart give me the CD

Rag:cd?wxh cd..i don’t know..i hv come from Mumbai
Goon:i said na..

Rag gets scared

Goon: she won’t agree like this…
He squeezes her cheeks and points the the gun at her head

Rag closes her eyes thinking this to be her last breath….

Bt someone throws a stone in the goons hands

Rag opens her eyes and the same guy was fighting with them..(he is played by gurmeet choudry ???)

Guy:run from!
Guy:i said go
Rag runs…

Bt one goon runs behind her…

Rag runs faster bt she falls due to the stone

Goon:tell me..where is CD…
Rag ????:cd cd cd..i hate cd…i dont know wat is cd


Rag???:i mean i dont know abt cd..

Rag takes the soil and blows on his eyes..

Rag runs near the road..a car was abt to hit..

Rag turns to the car being scared

Car stops at the right time..

Person gets down from the…
He is revealed to be Sanskar

San worried:Ragini..!

Rag sees him:ssss…iiiirrrrr…..!

She hugs him tightly…Sanskar was shocked….

San hugs her back:Ragini..Ragini are you ok?

Rag still hugging:sir save me…save me!

San: Ragini..tell me wat hpnd?

Goon comes:ae ladki..give me the Cd
Rag hugs him more tightly

San frees her:Ragini wch Cd..they are asking for?
Rag:i dont know sir…yeh bade pate wala bhaiyya kabse poocha ja raha poocha jaa raha hai..???i don’t know abt the Cd…i m tired telling this???par yeh mandh buddhi samaj hi nai raha…

He reactions made Sanskar to burst into laughter
San???:Raginiiiiii….from which soil you are made of?hahaha??????
Rag????:red soil…akdu..
San???:wat u said?

Goon:excuse me..m also present here

San angrily punches him
San: didn’t your mom teach you..we shouldn’t speak in the middle of the conversation ?????
Goon:sorry..i forgot..
San:hmm.. it’s ok

San:so now you..say wat did you say?

San again punches him???
Goon:sorry again i forgot????

Rag screams:sirrrrrr????


Rag points to the direction shocked and scared

To be continued…..

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