Let’s begin

Next day
Rag is all ready to go punjab

Rag calls her orphanage head purva
Rag:hello purva ma
Pu:Ragini…wn will you reach beta! i vl be there 12:30…
Pu:ok beta…i vl come Railway station to pick you
Rag:ok maa…

Rag:where i hv kept my plan(the same plan wch is with sanskar..if you forgot do check pt 7)
Rag:wr i hv kept it…silly me yaad hi nai aa raha…???did i kept in lion’s cage ?????????
Rag?????:yes i hv kept there!!????

Now its 7:30 if i go now..i can get…and 8:45 ko mera train hai..wn lion will come lion lion bolke lion ka izzath mat le… don’t waate your time raago..

Rag picks her luggage…

She bids bye to avanthika and harish

She goes to office

She talks with watchman
Watchman:ragoo beta…i will send you…but you know abt the rukes ryte

Rag:barosa rake kaka!i m just going for my plan..and will be back in 5 mins

She goes in and searches for her plan..she doesn’t found it

Rag:i guess i hv lost it it has all my hardwork for my shining homes..why i was so careless…wat to do now…

She sadly goes out…!she was biting her nails

She dashes with a hard chest…


She turns to other side




(if anyone remember something?the Robbery one???? ragini’s call for sanskar)

San looks at her????:wat?

Rag??:ah…kuch nai


Rag:woh..sir actually i..i just…

San:oh good…you r here i was abt to call u only

Rag:me sir!

San:oh god Raaagini!!

Rag:?????i did….n’t do any…th…ing ssss….sss..siiiiirrrrrr!!

San:did i say that u did anything

Rag: actually..sir i hv important work
San:wat work??

Rag??:woh..none of your buisiness ??
San??:is it?

Rag; my my…my friend is in hospital…
San:ok go…and come soon!


She turns and takes a big sign of relief
She wipes her sweat

Behind Sanskar smirks??

Rag picks her luggage

San:ur friend is in hospital…is she sitting for whole yr..that you take this much luggage


San:its ok go

Rag was shocked???:itni jaldi maan gaye..
San:if you didnt go in sec…then i wont take a mini sec to refuse you to go

Rag runs picking her luggage immediately

San laughs…???

San:to bring you on line..this is only a right way…

Rag finally reaches railway station

Rag sits in the train:finally..m going..m going…

Train starts to leave!the platform

Rag was so so so so happy she could explain her happiness

To be continued…..

Hehe Ragini has won the best comic character!
So wat do you think?will Ragini keaves to punjab?wat Sanskar is planning!?
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