Let’s begin….

3 days passed
Sanskar has became hopeless….
Rp and suji sees him lost in past 3 days…he was not talking much…he goes to office with moody..

So finally rp and suji decided to talk to him…
He looks at her
Suji:wat hpnd beta..?
Rp:u hv become moody..u r not our there any prblm in buisiness..?tell us beta..
San:nthng like that mom dad
Suji: u think that we wont understand?
San:no mom
Suji:r u not feeling well?
San:m fine mom
Rp: then tell us.. wats bothering you
San: its like that.. As i lost a precious thing
Rp:wat u hv lost?
Suji:u should not lose hope until you try to win it back rather than sitting here like hopeless fellow…
San smiles:bt i cant try to…
Suji:ehy is there any restrictions?until u hv hope on urself nobody can make u lose…so…
San:bt maa..i hv no way..and its not a game to lose or win
Suji: exactly…!so how can you say that u lost…destiny has a crazy ways to give you wat is yours so…u hv to trust on destiny and be positive….
San smiles and hugs her

Later he gets call..he picks…
Os:kya bolu sir ya sanskar? tho u can call sanky… and dare you call sir…i feel awkward wn u call that…
And the person revealed to be vineet..
Vin:ok tell why were u lost..mujhse koi bhool ho hayi jai kya
San:bhool..?tumne tho gunaah kiya hai
Vin: meine kya kiya yaar
San:being my childhood friend…you didnt tell me that you are going to u told ur boss that u need leave…huh?m not gonna come to ur wedding
Vin:hey.. don’t say like that…
San:then wat u expect me to do?u want me to dance..u r calling me after 3 days…
Vin:u r coming na
San:yes…now i hv to find wat stored in my destiny
Vin:ur destiny?
Vin:today is a bachelor’s party arranged by ragini…u hv to come to xyz club at 7
San:ya sure….

After the call…
San:one side friend one side ragini wat should i do now?hmmmm…

At 7..

Sanskar reaches there…
He was wearing a cream colour formal 3 piece suit…he was looking extremely dashing

Here vineet and gunjan were sitting together….
Vineet was wearing a black casual 3 piece suit..
Gun was wearing a red colour gown…

And ragini was wearing a sky blue colour full sleeve gown she was looking breathtaking..she has left her hair open….

San enters the club..
He sees there we limited guest.. And most of them are from the office itself…
And he met some of his childhood friends
Vineet comes to him and hugs him….
San hugs back…

Rag comes there…
San sees her and he couldn’t take his eyes off from her….
She didn’t knew sanskar too was coming… She gave a smile to him…
He too smiled back…

Rag excuses and drags vineet…
San felt bad bt he composed…

Music plays……

San sees vinrag were dancing on its rythms.. He didn’t notice gunjan was also dancing eith them

Ishq shava, mushq shava
Khushamdeed e Marhaba

Ishq shava.. haay
mushq shava.. haay
Khushamdeed.. haay e Marhaba

Vin dances with rag
Mila mila mila mila aankh mila
Laga laga laga laga aag laga

Now vin dances with gunjan
Zara zara zara zara paas toh aa
Khushamdeed e Marhaba

Trio dances
Ishq shava.. mushq shava..
Ishq shava.. haay
mushq shava.. haay
Khushamdeed.. haay e Marhaba

Bt bechaara sanskar was only seeing vin rag.. (its his prblm not writers ?)

After the dance vin hugs both ragun

Soon vingun gets busy in their talj with their frnds and all

Rag staying far and smiling seeing vingun
San sees her standing alone he goes to her
San looks at the direction he sees vingun
San:are you happy?
Rag looks at him and smiles:no bounds to my happiness
San felt bad..he sees vin side hugging gun
San:hmm…dont u feel jealous
Rag smiles:jealous…why vl i hv…? i heard that jab kisiko saccha pyaar hota hai na tho….
Rag turns towards him:tho?
San:if you see ur love with someone else…
Rag was getting more confused
San:tab yahan dard hota hai..
He poits towards her heart
He goes…
She shrugs her shoulders:wat hpnd to him?he acts like he is in love with gunjan…she widens her eyes and runs behind him

She held his hand…
Rag:i m confused..i didn’t understand..wat u said?does that mean u love Gunjan…
San confused: Gunjan…!who Gunjan
Rag herself: oh he just have me a dialogue…mein bhi kisi se cum nahi
Rag:leave it..sir…wn u love someone and the person loves other person…we should sacrifice our love for their happiness…
San felt bad…

Soon the party got end
And dats passed every ftn went with a full swing of happiness

And its the day of marriage….

To be continued…..

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