Let’s begin…..

Sanskar was confused and Shocked
As ragini was crying and sobbing uncontrollably
Few mins back she was laughing singing dancing wat hpnd in a fraction of seconds……
San: wat hpnd? RAGINIIIII wat hpnd?
Rag: why did you do this with me… Wat did i do to you…. Wat Sheena did to you…. You hv killed her child.. Whenever i think of forgetting you.. The time spent with you Hauntes me everywhere… Now i hv moved on bt still….i cant….
Rag realises the surrounding and the person whom she thought to be Nikhil is not him it’s sanskar….

She wipes her tears immediately and frees herself from his clutch
He was hell confused
Rag: m..m really… Sorry sir….
She goes from there.. He was confused by her behaviour….
Now he connects the dots…
Be remembers a guy (Nikhil) and ragini were talking abt their mrg…
He then remembers her sign leave from the office…. Her emotional burst and her leaving job etc etc etc….

Here Rag goes and washes her face
Rag: wat i did…!! Wat if sir asks anything with me regarding this…i hv to face him anyhow….

Rag goes out….
Sanskar sees her:chale
Rag nods…

They sits in the jeep

While in the whole journey he didn’t ask her any thing… There was a pin drop silence

Rag finally breaks the silence: i am sorry sir…
San: sorry for wat?
Rag: for…..
San: no need to ask sorry…. Of you had cried for whole day to i was ready to give you shoulders….
Rag looks at him
She looks other side
San smiles
Rag again: and i m really very sorry for for sharing you that day….
San: thankgod you came to the point finally….(smiling mischievously.. Bt rag didn’t notice) Bt don’t expect that i will forgive you…
Rag: m.. Really really sorry sir… It was a misunderstanding that day….
San: by still u could hv tried to know…u slapped me very hard …
Rag: m really sorry sir… i slapped you on that day bt deserved some other whom I believed blindly….
San to divert the torpic: ok i can forgive you on one condition
Rag: wat condition sir?
San: i m hungry…. Will you be my coffee mate
Rag smiles and nods

They goes to a coffee shop…

Later they goes to hotel and gets fresh and moves to airport

In the airport rag gets call from vineet
Vin:apne bhaiyya ko kya tum bhool gayi ho….
Rag smiles: even i can ask the same
Vin: looks like you had a great company with….
Rag smiles and remembers all their moments from the party to coffee shop
Vin: leave all that there is a good news
Rag smiles: wat

San knew its vineet’s call… He was not feeling good….. Wn he sees her talking to him…

Vin: surprise.. Tonight vl come to pick you at the airport.. Then vl tell you..
Rag: plz plz plz.. i can’t stay here for one Min… Plz tell me wats the surprise
Vin; you should wait for it….
He disconnects the call

Rag smilingly looking at phone: how mean….!

San lil rude: if your talk is over then can we go
Rag murmurs:raavan phirse jag gaya(raavan woke up again)

Rag nods and they goes….

They reach

Here vineet and Gunjan were waiting for rag

Ragsan sees them
Rag runs to them and hugs vineet tightly
Oops someone is burning here ???

Gunjan: wat abt this friends.. Huh! Even i was waiting for you
Rag hugs her
They smiles

Vin goes to San before he could reach him San goes from there
Rag: leave him… Always khadoos
They laughs…..
Rag: ok now tell me wats the good news
Gun:u r going to be busy for next 7 days
Rag: why? ???
Vin: bcs in next 7 days we are going to marry….
Rag happily: wat? Am so happy she jumps in happiness
They drags her out as it was airport

Rag: why so urgent urgent
Vin:bcs.. Of priest…
Rag: ok.. Ok.. Ab chalo…..

Next day…
Vingunrag comes to office
They goes to cabin
Vin: sir.. May we come in
San nods
Trio gets in…
Vin gives leave application
San: why so sudden? Leave of 15 days…
Vin looks at Gunjan
San sees his direction and sees rag who was smiling at vineet
Vin: actually we both are getting married
San shocked: wat? this soon…? And why?
Trio were confused….

San: Actually no so immediate
Vin: Actually sir… It hapnd immediate too…next sunday is our marriage and i m calling u for my marriage…..he gives the card
San nods: ok..he takes the card and puts aside(poor boy..atleast see the invitation it will help you man..see the bride name)
Rag keeps her leave application
San:ok..i m getting an imp call
He was frustrated…: excuse me

Tri leaves…
Rag peeps in:sir..i didnt thought u vl give me leave thankyou so much…
She goes…
He was hurt angry frustrated broken…and wat not

San:why is ragini marrying this wat vl i do now?

To be continued….

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