Let’s begin…

Rag: wat??
Pinky:see .. Its a lie
Rag nods
San:baby…till wn u vl be angry with me
Rag: wat… Aunty he is lieing
San:m really sorry baby…now i vl never ever tell u that you look fat
Rag opens her mouth in shock
San:plzz… He pulls her and hugs her

*The very first hug*

He held her so tightly that she couldn’t move and for others it was looking like a romantic hug by a cute couple ?

Pinky smiles sadly: its ok better luck next time…? Bt i want to tell u that i still love you and vl love you

While ragini was struggling: no…
San:i said na sorry… He said hugging her in one had tightly and caring her hair…

Pinky:bt still..sansku baby…. If any day she leaves you.. Or you became alone..

She gives a card.. He takes

Pinky: call me.. In seconds i vl be in front of your eyes…. i vl be it soulmate
Bye.. Hope to meet soon ??

She goes..
San now leaves her
Rag: wat the hell…?
San now takes ragini’s plate which he kept on near by table
San smiles vigorously: eat!
Rag screaming: how dare…. She points her finger to him…
San making serious face: ha.. Did you say something
Bt still she is scared of him
Rag in calm voice: how dare u to say i m your fiance
San smirks: i will dare to wat vl u do…
Rag opens her mouth in shock as she is facing new side of sanskar
Sam puts a morsel in her mouth

One more shock

He smiles widely

The other shock

Rag for in her mouth: i vl..i vl…
San keeps his palm near ear and comes lil close to her
San: day clearly let me listen

Rag pouts and slowly slowly her lower lip moves front like a kid

He smiles seeing her antics

Rag lil loudly: pinky aunty
San:shh.. He glares her (fake)
He was abt to eat from her plate
She grabs the plate from him
Rag:this is mine
She goes angrily

He laughs seeing her kiddish attitude

He was to hungry..

They both eat the food

Rag sees the lady who she met first and goes to her and tells her a bye
Herself: sorry & food was delicious

San sees her… She sees him angrily and moves out

He too goes behind her…

Rag: akdu kahika
San: i can listen
Rag in flow; i tell this so that you listen
She bites her toungue
San: oh…

Rag: why did you say me as your fiance
San: bcs u created situation
Rag: i….u mean to say i created the situation.. Did i tell her to follow you or call you sansku baby(making faces) or to try her luck on you…
San smiles: no
His smile irked her: why r u behaving like nthng hpnd
San smiling: wat hpnd?
Rag: arghh…..
San: listen.. i just said to free from her
Rag moves front angrily and suddenly stops and smirks which sanskar couldn’t see

She turns slowly
She smiles at him
He gets confused
She moved to him…

Rag: you are so handsome
San widens his eyes in sochegi and runs his ears: repeat
Rag with emotions: u r so handsome that……
San lost: that?
Rag: that even….
San: even
Rag: that even aunties are trying their luck on you…… Haha haha hahahaha she laughs holding her stomach….
San: youuuuu….
Rag runs…
He chases her

They reach the car

Rag stops… And her stomach is paining due to laugh and chasing game

Rag: sorry…sorry..sir…
San: how can i leave you like that…
Rag moves back… Laughing
Her back hits to the car…
San comes close to her….
She was still laughing…. She realises his closeness
Worry covers on her face

He was lost in her…. She was abt to move.. He pins her to the car

Rag: ss ….iiirrrr…
He moved his finger on her face
Rag gulps she was shivering due to fear
He gets more close to her
Rag closes her eyes in fear

San smiles seeing her fear slowly it turns to laughs
He laughs moving back
Rag was shocked
She sees him laughing

Her lips turns to curve
Rag: u look nice while laughing
He looks at her and smiles: thankyou… Bt think how to go to hotel
Rag pouts: how vl we go…

To be continued….

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