Let’s begin….

Rag:kya aunty…pehle andher tho aane dijiye na
Lady sighns the guard….
Rag enters

San: lagta hai…yeh bhi pitegi aur mujhe bhi pitwayegi…tera kya hoga sanskar? He looks up

Rag drags him

Rag:woh mein aunty… In childhood i always used to come to you remember
Lady looks at ragsan from down to up
Lady smiles:beta..sorry…may be i forgot

Rag makes a sad face….

Lady:beta… Its …m plzz beta don’t feel bad….m really sorry
Rag: its ok aunty….
Lady: chutki beta go in…..
Rag smiles and hugs her….

At the time a lady comes and hugs ragini tightly

Lady2:chutki…tu kaisi hai?mein pinky
Rag was shocked and confused

Rag smiles:ha…pinky aunty..
Pinky:do i look like aunty to you
Rag:nahi tho.. i just checked wat vl u do
Lady:u talk… And khana kake jaana…
Rag nods smilingly the only thing she needed for now

While sanskar is confused as rag told him that she don’t whose marriage it was.. And pinky chutki wat’s going now…

Pinky:by the way u didn’t introduce me to him…
Rag looks at San
She bites her nails
Rag: this my friend sanskar..
Pinky: thankgod.. i thought he is your line clear hai…

Both ragsan were shocked

Pinky:oh.. Hi handsome
Rag widens her eyes….
While San smiles sheepishly giving a glare to ragini

Pinky: don’t call me that….i m younger to you can’t you see that
Rag: woh..woh..chale(to sanskar)

Pinky:oh…chutki baby..u go… i vl come with sansku baby
Rag coughs…. Actually she wanted to laugh badly

(Nature gives everyone a chance ? this time it’s ragini’s time)

Rag nods
San nods in no
Rag shrugs her shoulders

She goes

Pinky pinches sanskar’s cheeks
Pinky: you are so cute.. Handsome…u r so cool sansku baby?? i always dreamed to marry someone like you i feel that my dream is gonna come true

San coughs: excuse me.. He tries to go
Bt she holds him…

Here rag goes to washroom and starts to laugh
Rag: sansku baby hahaha…. Haha.. Hahaha… If i could capture his face…

Here pinky was abt to touch him muscles
San back’s off
San:woh..woh..aunty…i vl come now
Pinky:arey… Sansku baby…
San starts to move fast as he could
Pinky screaming: baby.. Don’t call me aunty…

San: where’s this girl….leaving me with this chipku aunty…where she vanished

Pinky:sansku baby….

San closes his eyes… Listening his name from that aunty ???

Rag sees them.. She laughs holding her stomach
Rag: oops..ragoo khana

She goes to food counter

She starts eat food

San sees her enjoying food..
And pinky was behind him..

San:mujhe phasa kar…yeh maze le rahi hai

He goes to her
Rag sees him and starts to laughs: oh hi handsome si….rrrr…oops sansku si..rrr
He glares her
San: this is all bcs of you and you are enjoying
Rag: did i say to come with me..u came by your wish…did i do something or did i say her to follkw u as a love sick puppy.. She starts to laugh
San: bt..m too hungry
Rag:haww..sir…why don’t you join with pinky
San: pinky my foot

Pinky from behind:sansku baby……
Rag couldn’t control her laugh.. She handover her plate to sanskar and starts to laugh

San was like wat the hell…??

Pinky comes to him
Rag was laughing
San himself: bohoth hasi aa rahi hai na..ab dekho mein kya karta
San smiles: aunty…
Pinky: do i look like
He nods in yes then in no
San:actually.. Of you call me like this she vl feel bad….
Pinky: why
Rag confused: why?(herself) m enjoying this..kaash i get to see more

San:bcs…. She is my fiance
Both pinky and ragini was shocked
Pinky: wat
Rag: huh?
San side hugs rag:hai na…baby
He kisses ragini’s cheeks…
Rag widens her eyes

Pinky: bt she is not….
San:arey.. Pinky she was angry with me.. So to make jealous she used u…
Pinky: no.. i don’t believe this
San: by this is the truth.. She is my fiance hai na RAGINIIIII…..
He wins at her
Rag opens her mouth in shock

Pinky:bt chutki… Her heart has been broken ???

To be continued…

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