Let’s begin……

Few days passed being ragini joining the work…
Sanskar was giving her too much of works… Ragini as usually fearing of him… Sanskar was enjoying her fear wn she sees him… Sujatha was confused as why sanskar is too happy nowadays… Nikhil couldn’t meet ragini for the whole week

A new day…
Rag was going to office she sees a man follwing a lady…. He snatches the bag from the lady and runs
Lady screams she is revealed to be sujatha
Ragini runs behind the man….
She held him and takes the bag from him… Ppl gather there
A lady:we should give him to the police…
Rag sees the man who had tears..
Sujatha comes there
Rag:thankyou all…. Bt i vl take care of this matter
All goes
Sujatha was confused… Rag back was faced to her
Rag:why did you steal that lady’s bag
Man:plzz dont handover me to the police
Rag:tell me first why?
Man:my family are hungry for 2 days… I hv no job…. My kids wait for me to bring the food for them.. I searched for the job.. Bt i didnt got any.. Without having choice i done this
Rag feels bad…
Rag takes the money from her bag(which was her only savings) and gives him
Rag:aapko tho chot lagi hai… Pointing his hand she cleans his wound from the kerchief ties it

Rag:i hope this will help you.. And you give your numbr.. I vl try to find the job for you… Robbing is wrong… I understand your problem… And the lady wr is she….?
Suj comes:its my bag
Rag turns and gives her hand
Rag:plzz aunty… Forgive him… He doesn’t intended… Unki majboori thi
Sujatha smiles:i hv listened
Rag gives her bag
Suj:if you hv asked me money i would hv given you
Man:sorry…mujhe maaf kar dijiye
Suj gives a card to him:come and meet my husband he vl give you job
Suj:thankyou tab kehna jab tum kaam karne shuru karoge… Ab jao tumhare bacche intezaar kar rahe honge
He thanks ragini and goes…
Rag :thankyou aunty … Its very rare to see ppl like you
Suji:i should say this… To you beta.. If i didn’t knew his problems.. May i hv put him behind bars… It was you who found his problem…
Rag :no aunty….
Suji smiles:wat is your name?
Rag smiles:Ragini
Suji:nice name…
Rag:sorry aunty.. I m late..
Suji:i vl drop you beta..
Rag:no aunty… I vl go by myself..

Suji:if i want to meet you then….
Rag writes her number in paper
Rag:u can call me any time aunty….
She takes her blessings..

Sanskar sees the time its 10:15
He didn’t see ragini… Actually he was missing her..

Rag calls vineet and informs him abt the late

San calls vineet
Vineet:sir you called me?
San:yes vineet… He first asks him abt some projects..
Wch he already knew… Bcs he wanted to ask abt ragini
San:didn’t Ms. Mathur came today
Vin:actually she had some emergency she will reach here in any minute
San:oh.. Ok…
Vin smiles and takes a leave

Sanskar was watching Ragini’s chamber….
And ragini came… A wide smile crept on Sanskar’s lips…

Vin:everything is fine na raago
Vin:wat u did with him.. Did u give him in police
Rag:no sir.. Why would i… He had no other option… that aunty was soo.. Sweet she gave him job…
Vin:ok…sanskar sir remembered you…
Rag scared:wat?
He controls his smile

He goes… Laughing..
Rag gulps and goes to sanskar’s cabin…
San was watching her… She knocks
San:come in… She peeps her head
Rag confused:sir.. Did you call me!
San confused:no..!
Rag confused:sorry sir…
She was abt to go…
San:Ms. Mathur
She points herself:me!
San acts rude:i guess only we both r present here
Rag in verge of cry:sorry sir..
San:now go and make me a cup of coffee..
Rag:me sir
San:no i said to walls present here
Rag:i m… Sorry sir??
She runs from there
Sanskar who acted to be rude and angry bird… Now laughs….

Rag makes the coffee..
Rag:why i m doing this.. I m a junior architect here why i m doing coffee… Yeh akdu na tere se chun chun kar badla lega… ????
She goes to his cabin and knocks
San:come in…
Rag keeps the coffee in his table
Rag takes a leave from there
San was abt to take a coffee.. He sees a smiley on foam of the coffee…
He looks outside and sees rag was looking at him… She immediately turned
He smiles

Rag gets up and goes to vinay
Rag:sir why did you lied to me that sanskar sir has called me
Vin laughing:wn did i said he was calling i said he remembered you
Rag shocked:wat??
Vin laughing:wat u did
Rag tells him how rudely he talked to her and made her to make him a coffee
Sayani comes:wat hpnd… Ms. Mathur sanskar sir is calling you…
Voice: there is only one lady who is Ms. Mathur.. I guess its you
Rag:nahi hoon mein… I vl change my surname
Vin signals her to see back.. Wch she doesnt understand
Rag:sayani mam… Aapne bola tha na
She nods in no
He signals her again to look back…
She turns.. She stumbles seeing him
Vineet held her.. He controls his laughter

Obviously its sanskar
San:come to my cabin.. Now
He goes

Sayani goes
Vin hits her head playfully
Vin:now go… Nahi tho…
Rag:kya sir
Vineet laughs

Rag goes and knocks

San:come in…
Rag peeps
San:come in properly
Rag comes in…
San:after thinking… I m shifting ur job temporarily
Rag happily:wr sir?
San:don’t be that happy actually sayani is on a long leave.. So i m appointing u as temporary secretary
Rag widens her eyes:siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrr
This moment was the worst moment for sanskar… He wanted to laugh badly it was so so soooooooooooooo tough for him…
San:any problem
Rag:u mean me…
San:look left
She looks
San:look right
She does
San:look back
She does
San:now tell me is anyone there other than you
She nods in no…

San:now move…
She was standing still
San:didn’t you listen…
Rag:sorry sir…..
She runs….

San:oh no this girl… He laughs…….

Rag comes to vinay with a cry face
Vin:now wat u did?
Rag:i didnt do anything… She hold her throat.. Sacchi
Vin:then wat hpnd
Vin:sanskar sir
Vin:sanskar sir… Wat he did?
Rag:he appointed me as temporary secretary
Vin laughs holding his stomach

Rag:here sister is in prblm and brother laughing.. Wah
Vin laughs more:u r such a drama queen…
Rag:oh god… Wat sin i did.. That u r punishing me
Then she remembers slapping sanskar

She goes back to her desk… Works sadly
Sayani explains her the work

Next day…
Ragini as a secretary of sanskar
Rag goes early….

Till afternoon sanskar was nowhere to be seen…. She was beyond happy
Vin:madam.. Khush lag rahi hai
Rag:kya karoon bhaiyya… She stops there….
Vin smiles:bhaiyya hoon.. Par office mein nahi
Infact he was soo happy that ragini called him bhaiyya for the first time
He pats her cheeks…

Rag sees everyone in the office are moving out
Rag:wr all r going
Vin:they r moving bcs sir has ordered them to inspect all the sites… Wch is hpng under SK CONSTRUCTION

Rag:tabhi tho.. Mein aaj free bird hoon…
Vin:get back to work… Free bird…
He goes

Rag:kaam karle raago….
At the time a man comes..
He is revealed to be rp
Rp:can i meet sanskar
Rag turns

Precap:Rp gets to know something new abt his son… ???

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