Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Abhishek’s dad saying that they will sleep in the lawn. His wife makes an excuse. Radha thinks they are extra sweet. She finds it difficult to hold her baggage. LD asks her to leave it. Radha looks at him and gives the trolley in LD’s hand. LD keeps it on bed. Radha stares the room. LD says shall I go to washroom. Radha says something is strange here. She says can you see Abhishek’s family photo. LD says he doesn’t find anything strange. Murli thanks Shyamali. Shyamali says it is not needed as she has done for her family. LD comes from washroom after bathing. Radha looks at his body and then turns her face. She then looks at him again shyly. LD wears the shirt and lie down on the bed.

Radha gets Shivani’s call and says she is fine. LD says she is

on phone alll the time. Radha goes out to talk. Neha and Abhishek are watching everyone in the CCTV footage. They see Jayshree spying. Neha asks them to be careful with her. She asks the fake parents of Abhishek to be careful of Radha and Jayshree. She asks Abhishek to keep Jhanvi in fake dreams and love. She asks the fake parents to convince Chaturvedi to do the roka, and says you can keep the gifts with you. Rekha says they are rich people and gets greedy. Neha asks them to stop their acting. She hugs Abhishek and leaves. Jayshree looks for Abhishek’s parents and sees the missing. She thinks where they have gone. She hears dogs’ barking and rushes inside. She collides with Radha.

Radha asks why you are shouting. Radha sees Abhishek family coming from outside and asks where did you go? Abhishek’s fake mum says she went to get medicine. Radha asks are you fine now? Rekha says yes. Radha talks to her and comes to room. She sees LD sleeping and thinks where to sleep. LD wakes up and asks her to sleep anywhere. Radha says there is no matress or chatai here. She sits on the bed to sleep beside him. She asks him not to worry about her and asks him to chill. LD gets angry. Radha says lets strike a deal that we shall not fight until we are here and makes border between them. They sit on the bed.

Next morning LD wakes up and sees Radha sleeping on his shoulder, hugging him. He gets surprised, but didn’t disturb her sleep. Radha wakes up and finds herself in LD’s embrace. They get up shyly. LD says we shall get ready and go. Radha says okay. Sadhna gets impressed and asks how did you make breakfast alone. Abhishek’s mum says she is accustomed to work. Jayshree asks why can’t you hire servant. Sadhna nods her to stay silent. Abhishek’s mum sit for breakfast and takes puri. Radha stops her and reminds of her stomach pain. Abhishek’s mum gets alert and tries to cover up her act and thanks Radha for reminding her. Radha thinks there is something fishy about them and they try to cover up each other.

Radha asks LD to enquire in the neighborhood about Abhishek and his parents. LD refuses and says Jhanvi and Abhishek loves each other and asks her not to spy on them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. LD why did u change your look anyway cool ep

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