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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini taking promise from LD. He promises her that he will never let Radho go. Suhasini hugs him and gets emotional. Radha thinks she can’t go near sir and hopes he gets well. Banwari sings song while Jayshree dyes his hair with hair color. She asks Jhanvi to color his hairs and says she is very happy as she doesn’t have any son. She says I am feeling pity on Sadhna because of her sons. Jhanvi says she likes Radha. Jayshree scolds her. Jhanvi goes refusing to color Banwari’s hairs. Jayshree drops the hair color bowl and bends down to pick it. She puts color on her face by mistake. Banwari and Jhanvi laugh on her. Jayshree says she will not let Radha enter Dada ji’s room and goes to take bath.

LD comes to Dada ji and covers him properly with

the blanket. He sits at his bed site and says he couldn’t stay without his scoldings. He thinks Dada ji’s room is very peacefil and sits on the chair. Jayshree sits on the rocking chair in the hall and thinks she can keep an eye on Radha from there. Radha opens her door and sees Jayshree sitting right infront of the door. She comes out when Jayshree takes a quick nap. Jayshree tries to keep her awake. Jhanvi comes and asks Jayshree to sleep. Radha goes to Dada ji’s room and sees LD sleeping. She thinks he thinks of himself as a hero. She covers him with a blanket. Dada ji starts coughing. Radha perform the reiki method. She wakes up in the morning. LD thanks her for covering him with blanket. Radha makes an excuse. LD thanks her. Radha says it is okay.

LD asks are you still upset with me? Radha says she doesn’t talk to blackmailers. LD says if I did a mistake then I did some good things too. He asks him to accept that he is genuine. He says he has decided to let her go, but not now as he needs some time. He says he will take her to his lawyer and asks her to stay in the house for 1 month. He says he will make her realize his love in this one month and if he fails to win her trust then he will sign on divorce papers. Radha says you can’t and asks him to give lawyer’s phone number. LD says he is out of town and will be back in 1 week. He says deal or no deal. Radha says deal. LD is about to hug her, but Radha stops him. He shakes hand with her instead.

Dada ji sees a dream and gets shocked knowing Radha and LD sold the house. Radha says we are shifting to big city. Dada ji says it is my home. LD asks him to come with him. Dada ji says you can’t do this. How can I go leaving my kanha ji. LD asks him to be practical. Dada ji says he can’t leave his ancestral home. Radha locks the door and gives the keys to the new owner. Dada ji cries and pleads to open the door. Dada ji wakes up and comes out of his dream. He asks LD not to go away from him. Radha gives him water. LD says Radha wants to say something to you. Dada ji gets tensed. LD asks what has happened. Radha brings towel for him. Dada ji says he is fine and needs to talk to LD alone. Radha comes out of his room and sees Sadhna. She tells her that Dada ji woke up now. Sadhna says she understood that Dada ji didn’t talk to her. Radha asks you knew him very well. Sadhna says yes. Radha says she wants to become like her. Sadhna says I feel I would have become like you.

LD covers Dada ji with a shawl and says Radha wanted to talk to him. Dada ji tells a doha. LD asks what is bothering you and promises to do as he says. Radha asks Suhasini why she is going to Mumbai. Suhasini says Sudhakar’s health is not well. Radha gets tensed. She says when did you booked the tickets. I will also come with you and that’s final. LD promises to Dada ji that he will never leave the house and go. Dada ji hugs him and cries emotionally.

Radha tells about Valentine Day. Dada ji says they didn’t celebrate such day and don’t even accept that.

Update Credit to: Amena

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