Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 9th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 9th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha coming to Chaturvedi haveli, Mathura and looks at it emotionally. She recalls LD talking about the rituals when she came for the first time. She gets emotional and teary eyed. LD thinks where she has gone and calls on her mobile. Radha’s number is saved as Life and he looks on. She recalls all the happy moments with LD. She washes her feet before entering the house and also recalls her grah pravesh. Mere Sawalon Ka plays…….Chameli brings the pooja thali and falls down. The kumkum fell down from the thaal. Radha opens the second door and steps on floor with kumkum on it. She looks at the house and thinks this house has changed so much in one year. No one is seen here. LD was alone in the hospital. She looks at the inhouse temple and goes to pray. Her footprints

get printed on the floor because of Kumkum. She holds the lamp light. She hears Dadi Bua’s voice and hides behind the temple. Dadi Bua asks Shambu to bring all the items fast. He brings the household items and jewellery. Dadi Bua asks him to call all the family members and also call Munim Ji so that he will evaluate.

Munim ji comes with the laywers and says it is not good to divide the things. Dadi bua asks Chameli to bring Dadi ji’s things. Govind comes and says everything will be divided. Jayshree comes and asks why you are doing this? Sadhna bhabhi is sick and in the hospital. She asks Dadi Bua to make Govind understand. Dadi Bua says we don’t have time to make others understand. Shyamali brings Sadhna’s jewellery from her room. Shyamali tells that there are some jewellery items which Sadhna got made for Choti babu. Govind says everything will be divided. Shyamali says Maa got this necklace made for Jhanvi and says it shall not be included in the partition. Banwari says favour is not needed. This partition will happen fully. Radha watches surprised. Jayshree requests Banwari to stop it, else people will blame her. Dadi bua asks them to do the partition fast, before Dada ji wakes up. Radha thinks where is Dada ji and why this is happening without him. The lawyer says shall we start the proceedings.

Murli comes and asks him to start. Jayshree asks what happened to everyone. She tries to emotionally blackmail everyone. The lawyer asks where is LD? Govind says he is not needed. Murli asks him to call LD. Govind asks Shyamali to call LD. Dadi Bua asks Jhanvi to bring silver plates from temple. Radha hides and prays. Jhanvi goes to temple. Jayshree asks Jhanvi to come back. LD wonders where is Radha as her number is switched off. Shyamali calls LD and asks him to come home for the partition. LD apologizes and says he is not interested. Radha sees LD’s family distributing the things and thinks how could they become so harsh. Murli picks something. Govind asks him to keep it back. Bua ji says it came from his inlaws home. Govind says when he is not having any relations with his wife, then why he is interested to take inlaws things.

Dadi Bua asks Murli to keep the thing. Govind says we have to accept whether it is right or wrong. Radha wonders what is happening? And why Dadi Bua is doing partiality. She sees lawyer inspecting the bangle and recalls Sadhna giving it to her. Dadi Bua tells the lawyer to give the bangle to Jayshree as it belongs to her. Radha shouts no and gets up. Everyone is shocked to see her in the house.

Suhasini calls Radha, but her phone is switched off. She gets worried. Sudhakar asks her to call Shivani. Suhasini says even Shivani is not picking the call and gets worried. LD thinks Radha’s car is in the parking lot and gets concerned. Radha comes out of temple and greets everyone. She tells this bangle is of Sadhna aunty. Jayshree wonders how did she come here? She asks who called you here? Radha says I know I don’t have right to speak, but this bangle is of Sadhna aunty and she gifted me this. Dadi bua asks why we are arguing? She calls Radha as an outsider. Govind requests her to leave and not to interfere in his house matters. Jayshree says we have to kick her out and holds Radha’s hand. Radha stops her.

Shivani calls Kabir. Kabir asks her to make sure Radha comes back. Shivani asks him not to worry. She says I am going to Mathura and keep you posted. She wonders why did she go there. Suhasini gets worried for Radha. Sudhakar asks her not to worry. Shivani picks Suhasini’s call and starts talking to someone else. Suhasini hears Shivani telling why did Radha went to Mathura without informing anyone. Radha says I understand you people didn’t like to see me here. I won’t like anyone disrespecting me. Jayshree says what a girl? She ruined us and says you are responsible for this partition. She holds her and pushes towards the door. Radha falls on LD and he holds her. They look at each other.

LD asks do you behave this way to the guests? The lawyer asks who is she? Radha says I am not an outsider.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ld pls understand radha yaar

  2. It was such a cute love story but now it’s no more happening..
    Sad to see such a state of LDs family..

  3. Its nice to see that both of now the same condition
    Poor Radha…. bt LD is r8 on his situation

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