Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD talking on phone and tells he needs to shift to Delhi as soon as possible. He says he needs a flat urgently. Radha is shocked and thinks why he is shifting to Delhi, when the situation is bad. She asks about Sadhna and Dada ji. LD says everyone is fine at his home and he is shifting to Delhi. He asks her to rest till they reach the hospital. Some goons are following them. Radha sees LD smoking and gets tears in her eyes. She sees him coughing and gets pained. She looks at his eyes…….Mere Sawalon Ka plays………..She thinks why LD is smoking so much, he is spoiling his health. She thinks he will smoke more, if she stops. LD looks at Radha holding the ring on her chain. Radha tells LD that she is suffocating because of the smoke. LD throws the cigarette. She

tries to get water from her bag. LD gives her water. She sees gun in his pocket and asks him. LD says it is for her security. Shivani gets worried thinking about what to say to Kabir.

Security comes and says Radha left with one security guard. He tells that she left to Mathura. Shivani thinks who is there in Mathura. LD asks Radha to stay in the car. He gets down and calls the goons. The goons say they are standing behind the car. LD asks them to follow his instructions. Radha switches on the phone and gets a message to be careful. LD gives her tea and drops on her clothes. He takes out tissue to wipe and says sorry. Radha says she is alright, just dress got ruined. Radha recalls LD throwing tea on her intentionally and tells LD. LD says sorry and offers to pay for her dress. Radha is shocked and thinks what has happened to my LD. I can’t see him like this. She prays for strength. LD brings her tea and asks will you file case against me, because of your spoiled dress. Radha is surprised and says no. She says we shall go to hospital. LD throws the tea.

LD and Radha reach the hospital. The nurse informs her that no one is here to take care of Sadhna and asks to get tests done tomorrow. LD thanks her. He asks Radha to meet Sadhna as one attender is allowed at a time. Radha goes inside and sees Sadhna in critical state. She cries and touches her face. She holds her hand. Sadhna opens her eyes and calls Radha. She sees Radha sitting at her bed side and gets emotional. Sadhna says I was sure that you would definitely come. Radha asks why you are in such state. Sadhna blesses her and smiles. She tells that she is about to die and time has come. She asks her to give autograph and says she is very happy for her. She says you have to reach to the top. Radha says she wants to take more awards and asks her to accompany her. She asks what happened to LD? She changed completely and cries. Sadhna cries.

Radha asks what had happened to LD. Sadhna says it is a big story. Radha insists, so Sadhna tells her everything. Radha is shocked. LD comes inside and tells visiting hours have ended. Sadhna says some more time please. LD says you wanted to see her, and it is done. He tells he can’t take Radha’s more time and asks Radha to wait for him outside. Radha asks Sadhna to take care of herself and leaves. Mere Rang Me plays………….LD asks why did you tell to Radha. Sadhna says she still loves us. She have the right to know everything. LD says situation will not change and house affairs. He asks her to rest. Sadhna says if I don’t stop then circumstances will be bad. LD says he will drop Radha and come back. Radha thinks what will happen at home today. LD comes out and sees Radha missing. He wonders where is she?

Sudhakar gets angry after reading the newspaper and calls Suhasini. He tells reporters wanted to know about Radha’s past. Suhasini asks what did they publish? Sudhakar says they published that Radha has a past affair. He says she will be ruined, if they get any info about Mathura people. He gets Kabir’s call and thinks what to tell to him. Suhasini asks him to relax and pick the call. Kabir asks did you see entertainment section today. Sudhakar is about to say. Kabir says any publicity is good publicity.

Radha is seen in a taxi. Driver asks where she wants to go. Suhasini asks when will Mathura issue will end. Sudhakar says we have to keep Radha away from Mathura and Chaturvedi. Radha won’t enter Mathura or that home. Radha is seen getting down the taxi and looks at Chaturvedi house emotionally. LD is tensed.

Radha enters inside the house and looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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