Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 7th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 7th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Radha talking about understanding love and its pain. She says her love is near her. LD comes in suit and asks why your love is not with you, after all it is a big day for you. Radha gets up from the chair and starts walking towards him recalling the happy moments with him. She gets emotional and hugs him. LD is uneffected and doesn’t reciprocate the hug. It was just Radha’s imagination, she tries to get up, just then her secretary asks LD not to ask any personal questions and ends the session. LD leaves. Radha pretends to smile. Suhasini calls Radha’s secretary. Radha takes the call and says everything was good. She sees LD standing outside the conference hall and cuts the call. LD says if you can give me 5 mins, then I will be oblige Maa’m. Radha is surprised

and recalls the happy moments. Her Secretary Shivani says press conference was ended. Radha insists to talk to him for 5 mins. Shivani gives them 5 mins and leaves. LD asks Radha to come.

Suhasini tells Sudhakar that they shall get Radha divorced quickly. Sudhakar says he knows and talks to Govind also. Suhasini says we shall meet Renuka and she can give us solution. Sudhakar says we have to do this secretly. If Kabir or media get to know then it will be a problem. He gets someone’s call. LD and Radha go inside the conference hall. LD says coming to the point and tells Sadhna is ill since many days. Radha asks what happened to her. LD says Doctor said there are few days left for her and she wants to meet you. It is her last wish. Radha says it is unbelievable. LD says that’s why I brought Maa’s medical report and asks her to get it cross check. He asks can you take time out to meet my mum. Radha says actually she have to go to Delhi. LD says I am ready to pay you for your time. Radha is hurt. LD gives her 25 Lakhs Cheque.

Radha gets tears in her eyes. She takes the cheque. LD gives her open business class ticket and asks her to decide time and day. He says he will book hotel also, and thanks her for her time. Radha says I will come to Mathura. LD asks are you sure? Radha says she will come to Mathura directly from the press conference. LD thanks her and says he was sure to buy her time. Radha cries and wishes him happy birthday LD. LD is teary eyed too, and says thanks a lot Maa’m. He walks off. Radha cries being emotional for him.

LD is in his car and thinks Radha was acting as if she was really concerned. She can play with anyone’s emotions, but I won’t come in her trap now. He says just 24 hours. He calls someone and says she is coming. Radha thinks LD didn’t react and wonders about Sadhna’s health and Dada ji. Shivani gets a message that past will never leave the person. She says who is this mad man and tells Radha that they won’t stay in Delhi. She says we will head back to home. Radha thinks how she will go to Mathura now. Radha reaches Delhi. LD opens the car’s door and says her security is his responsibility. He tells after the press conference is over, car will be waiting for you here Maa’m. Radha gets a message that she did a big mistake and asks her not to come to Mathura. Radha looks at LD. Shivani says she called and informed her mum. She asks Radha not to answer for any personal questions.

Shivani gives Kabir’s call to Radha. He asks her not to talk to any strangers. Radha looks at LD. Shivani asks her to come inside. Radha packs her bags and thinks she can’t tell her parents before leaving for Mathura. They will be worried. LD comes to her room and asks are you ready? Radha says yes. She hears Shivani and holds LD’s hand to hide him. They get conscious. Radha asks him to hide somewhere. LD hides. Shivani comes and says she is so relaxed. She looks at her bag and asks Radha. Radha says it is mine. Shivani says your bags are in my room. Radha says I got it here. Shivani asks her to rest in her room. Radha refuses. Shivani takes her forcibly. Radha turns and looks at LD. LD thinks how to take her from here.

Shivani gets a phone call in the night. She wakes up and asks Radha to wake up. She sees pillow instead of Radha and is shocked. She calls Radha, but her phone is switched off. She panics and thinks Kabir will kill her. She sees Radha’s letter. Radha writes that she needs some time and is fine. Shivani wonders where did you go? Radha is in the car with LD and thinks where she will reach? She thinks she wants to say so much to him, but stopped all the way towards him. She sees him smoking and gets shocked and hurt.

Shivani is being informed that Radha went to Mathura in the car. Some goons tells LD that they are waiting for his order and following the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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